The Maze Runner: The Death Cure by James Dashner

Looking for a good science fiction book to read? The Maze Runner: The Death Cure by James Dashner is a fabulous choice! Dashner does a fantastic job on developing the characters all through this 5 book series, with a fabulous job on the settings in the story. Dashner finds a way to make the reader feel like you are in with the characters, giving you a perfect description of the setting. Whether it may be an abandoned bowling alley, or rugged terrain, Dashner teleports you into their world! The protagonist Thomas, a young boy sucked into the trials, a series of challenges from the organization WICKED, develops throughout the whole series and it is almost like you are watching him grow up and become more skillful. He is forced to work out problems, while trying to remain hidden from the corrupt organization WICKED. The book focuses on a good vs. evil plotline with Thomas and his friends finding themselves in this book to try and find a way out of the trials. This book has a great theme, telling people that working together can get the job done quicker, by showing how Thomas may not have been able to get to the point where he was at the end of the book if it wasn’t for the people around him. This book is a great read, that is constantly dragging the reader in for more! The series has a fantastic plotline that will keep readers engaged and constantly asking for more from Dashner’s fabulous series!

Dashner hooks the reader in with this amazing plotline! The story follows a boy named Thomas, and all he can remember is living in the maze, but later finds out what happened before the maze came to be. Thomas and his friends Teresa, Minho, George, and Brenda are forced to work together to figure out their one question. Is there an outside world beyond the trials? They are faced with problems, anxiety, and grief along the way. WICKED offers to give Thomas and his friends back their memories, whether they be good or bad, and there is no reversal; will Thomas take a chance, or pass on the offer? With WICKED constantly on his tail Thomas has to risk his life, he has the choice to go back to the organization that put him through the maze, or he can stay in the “outside” world. Thomas escapes WICKED to find himself in more trouble when he arrives in Denver, meeting up with an old friend who now has his own organization going against WICKED, while still trying to maintain a low profile. I did think some events that happened when the story was taking place in Denver were a little unneeded. Such as a scene in a coffee shop where Thomas witnesses a guard kill a man with the flare. The storyline makes you begging for more, and the way Dashner sucks you into his story is incredible. One of my personal favorite parts is after watching Newt slowly deteriorate and start to go insane from the flare, Thomas is forced to shoot his friend. With his heart racing, Thomas is brought to the conclusion that this is what Newt wants, even though he may not want to accept this fact. Dashner shows the emotional bond between two friends, and then the acceptance of losing that friend. I did not like though how almost all the chapters left you on a cliffhanger, making this book extremely hard to put down. Although the book may start off slow, with not much action in the earlier chapters, Dashner suddenly speeds the book up, and makes you want to keep on reading.

Dashner tends to do an amazing job describing the settings in his stories, and this book no doubt shows this! His way of describing different settings is absolutely amazing! One of my favorite scenes is where Thomas finds himself in an abandoned bowling alley while looking for his friend Newt, who had been infected by the flare. Dashner beautifully describes this as a dark and dreary place, with dust and cobwebs all over. By doing this he makes you feel as if you are in the book with the characters! However, unlike some of his other books, there are less scene changes which I wish there were more of because characters tended to stay in the same place for quite a few chapters. But with this aside, one of the most important parts of a good book to be is being able to see the scene the characters are in inside of your mind! Dashner takes the cake on this series with describing the setting, and does a beautiful job at making you imagine this land!

To sum up what I have said earlier, this book is a great read. Dashner’s effort is certainly shown in the last book of his trio to wrap up the series. With sometimes unpredictable plot twists, there’s always something that will surprise you! Science fiction lovers will go crazy for this series, with its use offuturistic technology and a life threatening virus from the sun’s rays, it’s one of my personal favorite science fiction book series. What I enjoyed the most about this series is Dashner’s ability to take you to a different place with his writing. With detailed scenes and vivid character descriptions, this book will certainly get you hooked! However, there were not as many scene changes as I would have liked, and some scenes that took place in Denver may have been a bit unneeded. But all in all, Dashner beautifully finishes up this series on a high note. His effort is shown in this series and is a great read for all science fiction lovers!