Have you ever wondered at the symbols that surround you? Do the words “ancient” “lost” “Masonic” and “secrets” put together spark your interest? Have you ever visited Washington D.C. and exclaimed at the beauty and detail of the monuments and sites? Well if you answered yes to any of these questions and love a little action and adventure, Dan Brown’s book, The Lost Symbol, is a good read for you.

Robert Langdon, the protagonist in the series and a Harvard Symbologist, is again thrust into a cryptic adventure filled to the brim with mystery, suspense, and unexpected twists. After receiving a call from an old friend and mentor, Peter Solomon, Langdon is requested to give a lecture in Washington D.C. that evening. Not wanting to disappoint Solomon, Langdon immediately flies off to the nation’s capital and prepares for a night of normality. However, when he arrives Langdon finds…

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No audience.

No lecture.

And a tattooed hand.

Langdon instantly realizes that this hand is a symbolic invitation to embark on a legendary and ancient quest for lost wisdom. When faced with the knowledge that Peter Solomon has been kidnapped, Langdon has no choice but to use his vast knowledge of symbols to uncover the lost wisdom at the bidding of Solomon’s kidnapper.

Dan Brown demonstrates once again why his mixture of fact and fiction are so widely popular in this riveting sequel to The Da Vinci Code. He entwines the mystery of Noetic Sciences, Masonic history, and modern day Washington D.C. with the fictional Robert Langdon’s doubtful view on all that he sees, and his vast knowledge of ancient symbols. Dan Brown’s novel challenges all readers with a fast-paced and active story that keeps you turning pages until there are no more pages to turn

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