This book the ‘ Lost Boy’ is the sequel to ‘ A Child Called It.’ A boy named Dave Pelzer has been abuse since he was 5-years-old by his mother. He finally gets away from his mother, but when he goes to a foster home he gets into trouble. So he keeps moving from foster home to foster home because he gets into trouble or they just can’t take care of him. While all this is happening, his mother is trying to get him back.

What I liked about this book is that he was finally able to get away from his abusive mother. Also, I like how this boy, now a man, was able to tell this story or nightmare to everyone to let everyone know what had happened to him. His whole childhood he’s been abused and had never had a real home and was practically on his own, and to me that’s really brave.

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I would really recommend this book to anyone. It’s just one of those books for anyone because it can warm your heart, excite you and at the same time worry, and scare you. I’m sure many people have felt left out and was on they’re own or maybe even abused and it’s just good to here that this boy survived and he’s living life. It’s just a really great book and I’m sure you will have a great time reading it.

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