In the book ” The House On Mango Street” by Sandra Cisneros is about a girl names Esperanza that lives on Mango street with her family members carlos, kiki, nenny, and her parents. Her family was dealing with plumbing probelms when the landlord didn’t want to fix it. When the family moved to a new apartment with no landlord. Esperanza also had a passion for writing and telling stories. Her dream was to be a writer and live an independent life. She ends up making new friends in her neiborhood such as cathy, lucy, and raechel. Esperanza is insecure about her name because of the meaning behind it. Her whole entire life she had been sad. Her dream was to own a big white house with a nice bathroom because in the begining she wasn’t fortunate to have a decent one. Esperanza ends up still living on mango street as time passes and she starts to mature. As she gets older her emotions get stronger and the bad emotions leave her becuase of the mindset she has.

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