The Help

I remember instantly falling in love with the movie The Help. After many recommendations, I decided to read the book.

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Skeeter Phelan was your average twenty three-year old girl living in Jackson, Mississippi during the mid 1960’s. Except for one thing. The wealthy light skinned girl had her own opinion on the rights for African- Americans. During her free time, Miss Phelan would listen to the African-American maids. She would take notes while they told her stories about their bosses, producing a book. While juggling many things such as her mother dying, work on her book and finding time for her boyfriend, can Skeeter change society?
Minny Jackson and Aibileen Clark are the maids that helped Miss Phelan greatly. They told her very confidential things, such as what their bosses would do to them. Reviling this information could have these women killed, but they still took the risk so that they could be heard.
This heartwarming book will have you laughing and crying at the same time. Be sure to grab your own copy of Kathryn Stocketts, The Help.