The Goblin Wood

The Goblin Wood by Hilari Bell is a fascinating fast pace book and is very enjoyable. It begins when the young hedge witch, Makanna witnesses the murder of her mother for using outlawed magic. Her mother is murdered by the people of her village who her mother has been healing for many years. Makenna flees the village in anger and decides her self not human anymore because she thinks that humans are too selfish and she refuses to be called one. In the woods were Makenna finds herself she meets many goblins that are too against humans for taking their land and rights. Goblins are slimy creatures that the humans have been forgetting about and to most, goblins are unwanted. When Makenna realizes that she and the goblins both stand for the same things she and the goblins teem up against the humans determine to wipe out the humans. Five years later a young night named Tobin is sent to regain his title which has been destroyed when he is forced to take the blame for a horrible crime done by his brother. He must regain his title by capturing what his people believe to be an evil sorceress, which is of course Makenna. After meeting each other, both Makenna and Tobin realize that both goblins and humans can both live together in peace and together they try to achieve this.
This Book is set in a magical world with many villages that are all run by one form of government. Parts of this magical world is forest and that’s were many of the wild goblins and other creatures live. There are many walls dividing up the more popular villages and the bigger ones from the small and what are considered unimportant villages and all of the big forests.
The characters in this book are both likable and mysterious. Its seems like all the characters only hope to do what’s right but go about it the wrong way or they are trying to redeem them self by doing unwanted or impossible jobs within their community.
Overall this book is a must read and supplies action, adventure, fantasy and mystery into one great book!

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