They are living in a community where its blank which means no color, no memories, and also no lying. Its very strict and when you are 12 years old you are selected for a job that the concil thinks is right for you because they have been watching you your whole life. Jonas has tgetting into. His dad was the releaser and Jonas saw his dad kill a baby boy because his dad didn’t know any better.Jonas is the only one with memory so he has to find a way to get outside the walls to stop the releasing. Jonas little brother named Gabe was going to get released that morning so Jonas had to do something fast. So Jonas went and talked to the Giver about finding a way to get outside the walls of memory so the community would become normal. Late that night Jonas sneaks out of the House and grabs Jonas and starts going on there journey. It doesn’t take long before the community knows that Jonas is gone so they take planes to go after him. Which means that Jonas has to hide.They have to go up mountains and its very cold and Jonas thinks Gae is going to die so he gets on the sled and zooms down past the waypoint to save the community from killing anymore people.

The most important job he has been selected as the giver of memory and he has exceptions on the rules. He is allowed to lie and can’t tell anyone about his job.

Jonas one day wants to watch a relese because he has never seen one and doesn’t know what it is. So he goes not knowing.

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