The Girl Who Walks Alone

I remember it being the 29 of October, 2010 when my friend and I were sitting in our school auditorium, and it was after a program that the vote of thanks was going on. Bored by the monotonous speeches, we started discussing things we wanted to do before we die.
Obviously both of us wanted to be famous, but while I wanted to bring about a change in the society, no matter how big or small it may be, she on the other hand, wanted to walk on the streets of New Delhi alone.
As ironic as it may seem, this wish of hers really provoked me, and made me write this article.
Though we live in the capital of the ‘democratic’ India, we girls are not safe… yet!
Think about it… a girl, walking alone in any street of Delhi, even the most posh area is not safe, reason being the bunch of “wrong” people out there.
And then we call ourselves “democratic” and “independent”. Yeah right!
During a situation where a girl is surrounded, or is followed, or lets say in a less dreadful way, is being troubled by the “bad” people, all her self defense tricks, or her bravery are of just no use.
Lets be practical here, the girl’s life is at stake here, and obviously, in the presence of all this fear, how do you expect her to kick so many balls?
Residing in a metropolitan city, we Delhihites think our self to be really cool and smart.
But why does our coolness and smartness end up in sexually assaulting, or robbing a girl and then finally killing her?
Imagine the situation vice-versa, where a guy would want to lose his assets to a girl who is just trying to scare him off so that he can give in to her wishes? No doubt, his dignity would be questioned… and out down, that too by a stranger.
So my question is, why do this with a girl then?
Our democratic country gives us freedom enough to roam wherever and whenever we want to without a bunch of devils worrying us.
Why, even after having a lady president, and worshiping so many lady Gods are we put down?
The female race is still waiting for the day when they will be able to walk down the streets with their head held high, be it 12 in the noon or at night, without a pepper spray in their bags.
At the same time, we cant neglect the fact that attempts ARE being made and some success is noticed.
However, it will take some time for the ball to land in our court!
Till then lets do our bit of fighting for our rights, and I promise you I will be the happiest girl the day I walk down a street and be back home alone at 3 am without any weapons…