Carrie Ryan’s book The Forest of Hands And Teeth is well worth the time to read. I found myself reading for hours and unable to put it down. Carrie feeds her readers so many emotions. The main character, Mary, is quite interesting. The whole concept of the story blew me away. It takes place in an unknown town in the future. They are surrounded by a wall keeping out the Unconsecrated and the deadly disease they bring with them. The forest itself is called The Forest of Hands And Teeth. There is pain and sadness that would break any reader’s heart. Her form of ‘zombie’ writing is very unique in my opinion. Her second book The Dead Tossed Waves is sure to be a best seller as well. There is a bit of romance thrown in to add tension. In many of these types of stories the love always is broken. She lets you become close to the characters and feel as if you were in the book. When problems arise and death, you cannot help to want to jump in and save them. It was a great read, and something I would recommend to any young adult looking for a good book. The Forest of Hands And Teeth was much better than Twilight by a mile. I have also heard from hearsay that they are turning it into a movie. I can only hope, even if my impatience is great. You should definitely read this book.

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