A book written by John Green about a girl named Hazel Grace Lancaster who was diagnosed with stage IV thyroid cancer when she was 13 and started living her life with her oxygen tank and was prepared to die at the age of 14. In a support group meeting where she met Augustus Waters, a gorgeous guy who asked out Hazel and fell in love with each other.

Augustus who is diagnosed with a killer disease, wants to make a lasting impression before he dies. They way they fell in love with each other was truly inspiring and how they battle death together.

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John Green executed it amazingly and wrote the characters to perfection. All the things he wrote in this book was realistic and he spoke the truth on how the people with cancer or any other diseases fight just to live their lives.

It is such an inspiring book and the more you read it, the more you can’t put it down and feel the heartbreak the characters feel. It makes you appreciate the life you have and the people you care about.

If you’re not into reading this book, might as well wait for the upcoming movie. There is still no cast except for Shailene Woodley who’ll play Hazel. Trailer is out now.

But take time to read this amazing book and you’ll never see the difference if you’ll not read the book.

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