The Elite (The Selection #2) by Kiera Cass

The Selection a fierce televised competition of the country’s top thirty-five girls who compete in some complicated games for the heart of Prince Maxon. These girls vary in size and background, but each had one thing in common: they all wanted to be a One; at least some of them. America, a Five, was determined to throw it all away to be with her first love Aspen, forcing herself and their children they would have to be a Six. When forced into the competition by her mother and Aspen, America knew she was never going to be picked. Yet she was, forcing Aspen to break up with her, and move away from her house into the castle with thirty-four other girls. There she caught the eye of Maxon and began actually falling for him, as he was already taken by her. With only six girls left in the livid competition, America competitions are far from over, as she still holds Maxon on the fence, and Apsen in the shadows.

America loves Maxon, she also loves Aspen, but which one more? What she wants most in the world right now is the time. Time to sort out her feelings, more time with Aspen, more time with Maxon, more time to sit on her butt and do deep soul searching. The only issue? That time is running out. The other five girls all know what they want: Maxon, or the crown, (either or) they still need Maxon to choose them to let these things happen. But can America share? Seeing the others flaunt themselves over Maxon, seeing him truly care about the other girls make America blood boil, but not enough to fully commit herself to Maxon (which is what she wants). “She was right again. I was afraid. Afraid that Maxon’s feelings weren’t as genuine as they seemed, afraid of what being a princess might mean for me, afraid of losing Aspen”. With horrible Celeste, resourceful Elise, loving Kriss, crowed favourite Natalie, and best friend Marlee, America has to stand out to make Maxon notice her again, and standing out is not always a good thing.

Kiera Cass goes deeper into the competitions for Price Maxon’s heart. In this because instead of thirty-five there are only six you get to see more of them, truly knowing their motives and character trait than in the previous book. America though is still indecisive, but also a genuine girl which some readers might not understand. The common ‘If I can’t have him, no one can’ motto plays for America feelings towards the other girls and Maxon. She might in the end not choose him that does not mean that in the meantime, she wants to see him with someone else. Still because of that America acting unfairly to Maxon by being cold towards him for someone she cannot help. Beside for Maxon he only has this to choose his lifelong partner, so if at the end America does choose to leave him, he needs a backup plan (and right now he only has five to choose from). “Could I not hate whoever Maxon ended up with if I chose Aspen? Could I not hate whoever Aspen chose if I stayed with Maxon? As I got into bed and turned out the light, I reminded myself that it was my decision to be here. Aspen may have asked, and my mother may have pushed, but no one forced me to fill out the form for the Selection. Whatever was coming, I’d just face it. I’d have to”.With the competition begins narrowed down to four *gasp* and Maxon making his decision at three *even bigger gasp* America is out of time, and must truly dedicate herself to the Selection, because of right now, she might not even be a contender anymore.