The DaVinci Code by Dan Brown

Conspiracy, complicity and cryptograms; this book has everything you could ever want. Taking place in the fast-paced world of Europe, The DaVinci Code captivates the reader from the very beginning. This book will keep your mind guessing every step of the way, flipping your entire world upside down…more than once. It is a code-filled, enthralling thriller right up to the last word. The author makes it seem as though you’re in on the exhilarating pursuit of the oldest secret in the world.

In this suspense novel, Dan Brown lures you in with the site of a murder. World-renowned curator of The Louvre, the home of the famous Mona Lisa, is murdered. What is he murdered for? The greatest secret known to man; the truth. But, when he dies, what happens to the truth? The scene is set out with the curator, Sauniere, thinking about how to preserve one secret, bigger than life, in the last few moments of his life. He leaves behind a series of clues that could only have been found if you were looking for them. The French police turn to Langdon, a Harvard symbolist professor, for help when the novel takes its first unsuspected twist.

Turning out to be the number one suspect, Langdon doesn’t know who he can trust. This is when Sauniere’s granddaughter, Sophie, comes out of the dark, and walks into the middle of the mystery, yet again spinning your world on its axis. On a race against time, this unlikely duo embark on a journey that takes them through the streets of Europe. They meet new unlikely characters at every turn, and learn that not everyone is who they say they are. Throughout the entire book, you can’t help but wonder who’s pulling the strings and persuading them to jump through a countless number of hoops. And it turns out, they’re not only running from the French Police anymore. Opus Dei, a very religious Christian cult, is on the hunt for what Langdon and Sophie want too, but the two ingeniously lose their pursuers who always seem to be on their tail. They’re looking for a secret guarded by a brotherhood that would rather die than be exposed. This was a type of secret that no one knew the truth about; no one knows the entirety of what it meant either. As Napoleon once said, “What is history, but a fable agreed upon.”So what exactly are they looking for? Where was it?

Each chapter ends with a cliffhanger; making you hold tight to your book as you grip onto every word thrown at you. This fast-paced novel will force you to read to the very last word absorbing the story that flies off the page and into your mind. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a good mystery to read. The way the author makes all the characters seem lifelike without boring us with description, and the clever dialogue make us enjoy the characters’ wit. After reading this book, Dan Brown will be a name you will never forget.