The Complainer

Love is a very complicated subject; some take it for granted while others treasure it as one of the world’s greatest gifts. People can be consumed by love, and then be blinded to reality, it’s an unfortunate circumstance. Love can also be unforgiving and hard, or it can be wonderful and amazing. Some people find love easily, while others find it hard to obtain, and then they began to give up and lose hope, out there in the world, someone, somewhere, will love you. As teenagers, these words are both helpful and cruel. Many people would rather scowl at this, thinking they know everything, and don’t need to face the truth. Those are the ones who go through a million different partners tossing them away and picking them up as if they were a present received on an occasion, they seem excellent at first, and they love them, completely over the moon about them, subsequently, they become boring and useless, even forgotten, and then they receive an even “better” present the next time. Another example could possibly be a stick of gum, they purchase it, chew it, enjoy the flavor, and then spit it out. Once they’ve used up all the gum, they purchase another one, and repeat the process.

You can’t frown upon those kinds of people that experience those kinds of relationships every single time. You can’t say the food is horrible, without taking a bite. Love treats people differently, and that constant date-and-drop may be the product of love treating them differently, but, for those who treat their partners like they were a failure from the beginning, and move onto the next person without any sense of feeling, I absolutely despise those kinds of people. Again, like hinted at before, some people would think I’m wasting my time writing about this, but I know for a fact, that a lot of teens feel like this, of course I haven’t done a mass survey (I admit, I have no raw evidence actually), but I have a feeling, if other people like me read this, they’ll be almost certainly shaking their head in agreement. The following is my personal experience with love, and height for that matter. Height advantage is important in middle school…

I’m getting a little tired of being short, I really would rather be tall, or at least, taller. My doctor estimated that I’ll hit a growth spurt around fourteen years of age, but there aren’t any promises. Fortunately, I am in fact fourteen, just turned that wonderful, ripe old age, quite recently. It used to be fun playing the short, cute little Asian boy for only so long, then, just like that, it can become a curse, and trust me, it has. I’ll admit, it’s over rated, and most adults would roll their eyes at this, but people in my 8th grade (and throughout middle school actually) are running around with boyfriends and girlfriends as if it were a speed date session. I’m on the other side of the hormones spectrum, I’m in the notorious friend zone, which takes no prisoners, and is utterly ruthless. Wow, I sound dramatic, a complete baby, but hey, humans have emotions, and these are mine, not so much “deep down” emotions, but they’re clearly things I feel strongly about. Well, this writing piece is called “The Complainer.”

The only thing I’m ever called is “cute” and not the attractive “cute” the “cute” cute. I can’t even see what’s so “cute” about me (ironic since I’m complaining about how I would rather be seen as attractive and beyond the, cute, level). I think I resemble more of a cross between a Mexican and Asian smoker, with a darker shade of peach fuzz for a mustache, and that, isn’t something anyone wants to look at. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one to scream and cry repeating the words “IM NOT BEAUTIFUL” but I don’t ever lie to myself. The fact that I’m short tends to knock me down to, naturally. I can envision myself being taller, I would look my age, and it would be great. It’s not far off the mark when people mistake me for a ten year old, I admit it, I don’t exactly look like I’m fourteen. Funny, for three years I’ve jumped from age nine, to age eleven and back to age nine, so my family doesn’t have to pay as much at a restaurant as they would if I were to be a teenager (or twelve and up depending on where we go). Being called adorable constantly sounds good doesn’t it? A quick glance at that statement and I bet you would agree with me, but if you think deeper, you might be able to see my side of the story. One of my best friends shares my pain, although when I look at him, he’s getting taller, faster, better at everything. In 6th and 7th, we were like to peas in a pod, but over the summer, he underwent a miraculous transformation that left me in the dust. Seriously, that kid got better in all areas, like steroids, but natural steroids (which is absolutely amazing by the way).

I figured all this complaining will make look like this extremely judgmental term used to classify people, “desperate.” I hate that word (something only a desperate soul would say). I think of it like this, if a man is the stereotypical version of being attractive, “tall, strong, good looking and smart,” for them to be desperate is something I would even frown upon. People that have clear disadvantages, for them to be “desperate” is perfectly understandable. It actually isn’t right for me to complain about such antics, they’re plenty of people in this world that have it much worse than me. The mere fact that I’m acknowledging that point and am continuing to babble about this topic is actually quite offensive. It looks like the worst kind of inconsiderateness. The kind when your aware, like I clarified before, but continue anyway.

“In high school things will change.” That’s what any adult I tend to talk about this with says to me, and it’s true. Well hopefully it is, I can’t imagine what some kids may react like when life doesn’t end up being so happy and full of joy. They’ll probably just think to themselves that their little vision was to good to be true, and therefore just wasn’t realistic. Sometimes I think the good stuff only happens to the people out there with the money and the support, which is sad. In this world, that tends to be common, unfortunately. I get it, most people would react like “Hah, kid, don’t worry ‘bout it, things will get better.” As of right now though, I just would rather have some proof, instead, I have to wait, like a whole nation of kids that probably share my same issues with amateur affection and cheap empty relationships. I think it’s every man’s dream to have that one special gal that would follow them to the end of the world. I can almost guarantee, that special one will not be found in middle school. Now that I think about it even more, I should be laughing at even concept of what I just mentioned would ever happen, I should also be laughing at myself, for being, The Complainer. (Or cry baby, but I’m not going to capitalize the “C” in cry or the “B” in Baby as if it were a name. That would be a tad bit too insulting I’m afraid).

Another thing teenagers tend to resort to if they really feel it’s necessary, is changing their self, kind of like how I’m short, and would rather be taller. People, myself included, don’t need to change ourselves to make others happy, accept us and/or like us. There are people that will love us and accept us for who we are, and those are the kinds of people we should look for. You may be wondering, “if we don’t need to change ourselves, why right a whole piece on how you want to get taller, because you’re short.” I stated that although those are my emotions, it doesn’t mean they’re the right way to go, I just knew other people shared the same problems, I simply wanted to say, “You’re not alone, I’m like that too.” Maybe I’m talking about how being taller would be a luxury then, like buying an iPhone, I’m not completely sure anymore. I just know, that if you’re going to take your eyes off this writing piece learning anything, it should be that you don’t need to change yourself for others to like you (and also, saying “Oh, yeah I dated mad girls in middle school,” doesn’t hold much value in the later years of high school, all through college, and life as a fully-fledged adult, your love life isn’t confined to splashing girls in the kitty pool known as middle school dating).