The American Civil War was the most significant chapter in the history of the nation. This brutal war caused the death of 600,000 Americans and partitioned the country into two separate states. The ostensible cause was slavery. From the small bombing of fort Sumter in Charleston the war grew till 2% of population were killed and America had to be reformed in big and small ways. Although officially it came to an end, racial tensions had beendominating for years and till today they have not been uprooted.

The Civil War increased the economic power of America as a nation until it first rivaled and then surpassed that of all other countries.

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Following this war Americans began to develop a feeling of being a part of one nation instead of a conglomerate of many states, that have their own histories and institutions.

The turning point of the war was the establishment of the US Constitution.

Broadly speaking, everything in the history of the U.S. can be the cause of this war and everything that followed it was its consequences. Each part of society was radically changed: the function of the government in Washington, the status of Afro-Americans, as well as the art, music, especially jazz, and culture of the nation.

It was the war of the enormous scale – the wave of noise, terror and fear was followed by the joy of emancipation.

This Civil War changed even the phrase, that refers to the American nation. Before the war it was “The United States are …” but now it is “The United States is …”

The great Civil War and the following period of reconstruction placed USA on the global network. The world read with awe how the greatest slavery system crashed, as the democracy expanded to include formerly slaves. Nationhood was redefined warfare for the industrial age was reinvented as the reconstruction of the former slave society took place.

Idealism had a more practical reason for the war –the use of machinery in the industrial age was cheaper than the upkeep of slaves; the institution of slavery became a White Elephant that should be done with.

Slavery was removed, but racial tensions were not. The struggle went on for the achievement of real equality but the recent foreclosure crisis has exposed the hypocrisy. The blame is being put on the banks for discriminating against the Blacks and minorities who have been the worst influenced by the economic downturn. The undercurrent of hatred is still fanned by politics and money power.

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