Jerry Renault is not your ordinary Trinity school boy. In this story, you hear this kid’s name a whole lot. He is in different situations throughout this book. You could say he’s the main character because this kid stands up for himself and he’s very brave. Is standing up for yourself the thing Jerry should do because this could lead to some very serious consequences such as getting beaten up or maybe even death? There’s a group known as the Vigils and you don’t want to get involved with them. People around the school are afraid of these people and definitely respect them. Archie another character is a jerk, bossy, and he is the secretary of the Vigils. When people get involved in these things they call assignments, they do some very serious pranks. When you read this serious story, you may think Emile Janza is sort of a bully or scares people.

In this story, it’s very easy to visual the scenes and where they take place. You can easily get a picture in your mind and it’s easy to relate to. I can really relate to these characters such as Jerry because I would definitely stand up for myself like he did. I’m very brave just like he is. You might think the moral of the story would be to stand up for yourself but is it worth it if you get beat up. I think the moral or the theme of this story is “Dare to be different.” This is more of a guy book because we can relate to the things that go on this story. It has really good humor but I don’t think girls would understand. If you’re looking a good story to read during your free time, you should definitely consider The Chocolate War.

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