Although I had previously known about the vicious effects that alcohol has on our bodies, I was more deeply informed after reading the article “Alcoholism: A Neurological Perspective” posted on the National High School Journal of Science. Today, alcoholism is a major problem in society. More than 17.6 million people are affected with alcoholism. Many factors contribute to the development of alcoholism, and although these factors differ among each person, the same terrible cycle of alcoholism is present in all. As more alcohol is comsumed, the body becomes more tolerant and the amount of dopamine increases. More and more alcohol is needed each consecutive time to make the body feel the same feeling of joy as the last time. This is the neverending loop that is fatal for alcoholics. Many might try to stop this cycle by taking away alcohol, but it is not as simple as it sounds. Not drinking alcohol can stimulate the sense of withdrawal, which is caused by the large number of remaining receptors that were produced when alcohol was present. The absence of alcohol causes unhappiness and in some cases, depression and anxiety. Although there are drugs to help with alcoholism, such as disulfiram and naltrexone, these drugs can’t act alone. Other treatment, such as lifestyle changes or abstinence programs must be used along with the drugs to fully treat alcoholism. The treatment process takes a very long time and even after treatment, there is risk of relapse. Alcoholism is a troubling and dangerous situation for everyone, and it impacts both the alcoholic and their surrounding people. It is definitely beneficial to be well aware of the consequences and causes. I recommend you all to read this article as it provides in dept explanations. We all need to help each other rid of this big problem!

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