The Audacity of Hope by Barack Obama is a political non fiction explaining to the America what kind of politics needs to be used in order for America to succeed. Obama explains his views of political parties, values, the constitution, and other political standpoints that are at the front of the political war. Obama also uses his book to explain to readers the values of family, talking about his throughout the book. In almost every chapter Obama uses his charm and intellect to explain to his constituents why he chooses such positions on issues such as abortion, health care, foreign policy, and why he is a Democrat. All in all, this entire book is a very good political analysis of our government at work. It is a very delightful book if you like to read about politics, or want a Washington insiders opinion of how are politicians are doing their job.

I enjoyed this book very much, and recommend it to anyone willing to sit through a book explaining politics. I know it isn’t the most exciting topic to read about, but it will give some good knowledge that you can start conversations with.

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