Not everything turns out as planned. There will always be those unpaved pot holes in the road of life. That unfinished melody will always have one note missing. There’ll still have some cliff-hangers at the end of each chapter in life. They will sometimes leave you hanging for a long time or maybe just a couple of pages.
But what if life was just a children’s story book where it always ends by a “Happily Ever After”? How would it end up being? Not everyone can have a happily ever after. Not everyone’s life can be like Cinderella’s or Sleeping Beauty’s. Prince charming can’t just fall from the sky and put on your glass slipper or wake you up with just one kiss. He can’t battle your three evil step sisters or defeat a fire breathing dragon. He can’t always be royalty either.
Someone’s life can be told in many different ways. It could be written in a poem, a story or maybe even a song. The only thing about it is that at some point they all have to end. Just like when the flame of a candle reaches the bottom and leaves a thin trail of smoke flying in the air or when all the leaves have fallen off the trees in autumn just for all the remains to be swept up. Nothing lasts eternally.
That is where I stand up and announce that scientists cannot predict that nothing is eternal and that everything is cut short. There is something out there that does last eternally. It is the strongest and the most incredible aspect of life there is. It is a religion that can’t be spoken but more expressed. You don’t pray for it to happen but only to keep it safe. Once it has been found, it can never be replaced. It is what keeps our universe functioning. This is the reason why the moon and stars shine with such a bright light and why the sun sets and raises with wonderful shades of red, yellow, orange, blue and pink. It is what holds us together. Gives us hope and confidence.
Why such a big deal about this one 4 letter word?
Because this one little word is what keeps our hearts beating. It is what gives us comfort and warmth. . It is what keeps us smiling from ear to ear. It is what gives us a life beyond our own. This is a Utopia that lasts forever. For eternity. It is a fairy tale’s happily ever after.

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