Teen Pregnancy

Some people in the world find that teen pregnancy look like they’re grown up too quickly like my mom she tell me every time when she see a teen that is holding an baby, or is pregnant she tell me to never be like them and live my life young as long as I can. Like these days teen are getting pregnant, not having fun while you’re young, and not able to fix her teenage mistakes.
One reason about what I think about teen pregnancy is young girls are getting pregnant at fourteen,fifteen,sixteen years old. For example one of my friends had a baby at the age of fourteen years old and also dropped out of school in 7th grade. When she dropped out of school she had got pregnant
Another reason about what i think about teens pregnancy is teen are not having fun while they’re young.For example this girl had messed up her childhood by getting pregnant at the age fourteen by this boy who is seventeen years old. Also, why teens should try to live there life young because they will not be able to make teenage mistakes and then fix their mistakes. For example this girl had messed up her teenage mistakes and turned out to be a mother and wasn’t able to fix that mistake she had made.
My last reason about what i think about teen pregnancy is that when you pregnant you mess up your education and you can not go to college and get a college degree. For example this girl had got pregnant and couldn’t go back to school so now she is at home taking care of her baby but should be in school getting education and getting prepared for college. she is really missing out on a better future,and having a good job to take care of herself when she got older and then got pregnant .
To, conclude these are a few ways of how you should not get pregnant as a teen at an early age .and even though girls might like to do what they want it will really hurt them once it happen. so lets make a change and stop teen pregnancy.