Most people think it is okay to have sex but it isn’t. Others don’t approve of it either. It is not a smart thing to do because you have to get an abortion, your friends leave you all alone, and your parents and your boyfriend don’t support or care about you. You should not have sex when you are underage or until your married.

One reason is when pregnant, some girls choose to get abortions, because their parents might pressure you to get an abortion, also because they aren’t ready and because they want a real life without the bottles and paying all this money. For example my Aunt Donna chose to get an abortion because her father told her it was the right thing to do and because she wanted a better chance for herself. I know you think well it is okay because I am going to take care of my baby, it’s a very hard thing to do you won’t be ready.

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My second reason is being pregnant means you have no friends because they leave you all alone to face your pregnancy lonely because one of your friends ends up liking your boyfriend, also they want to keep their popularity in check which does not include a pregnant girl in their group, like my cousin Eve was in tenth grade when she got pregnant she told me all her friends bailed on her and one of her friends liked her boyfriend so her friend put a key up to her car and scratched it up.

My final reason is being pregnant also means that your parents and your boyfriend stop caring about you, and don’t support you because your boyfriend isn’t ready for a child, and the parents start to not love you because you aren’t who they thought you were when you knew what consequences would come. For example my great cousin Missy her boyfriend left her alone while he was with someone else and her parents stopped talking to her they were ashamed and furious. She was so heartbroken.

In conclusion, I know you think as long as you are safe it’ll be okay but it won’t a lot of babies die because these girls aren’t safe I have proven that you shouldn’t have sex at all until married.I want this to stop that’s why I believe teens should be careful to prevent Teen Pregnancy.

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