Team Building

High performing team involves having a workforce making advantage of every individual in a group so as to achieve a common objective. This is very much needed in our case so as to involve different willing minds for the progress of the company. Though the process of team building may cost company time and money, it benefits are really awesome. This company has well stipulated vision and objectives which will sufficiently be met when we are able to tap efforts of every staff, especially in our departments. To achieve a stable high performing team, developing an achievable plan will include; training, and demonstration.

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The first step towards having a high performing team will be training of all employees. This will impart them with the skills they will need and assist them to understand the benefits of working as a team. Training will better be done through conducting seminars and conferences that will involve our employees. In agreement with Midura and Glover team building seminars and retreats will develop a sense of having team work to the participants.

Maddux and Wingfield confirm that in every successful team building process, leaders should adequately define the team that they desire to build. This will help the employees to appreciate and understand what is required of them. It is clear that some junior staff will not be comfortable this move, and therefore, the managers will have to show the way. By managers creating team work, the employees will get a chance to learn from them and probably absorb the necessary traits. This can be achieved through creating environment and introducing energizers that will enhance team building. Also involving the staff will be a catalyst that will lead to staff accepting high performing team work.

Hunter attests that leadership examples will benefit team building process. He depicts a case Manchester, where senior managers were involved in the team building process which motivated the staff into the course. Embracing these stages, the company shall surely reap the benefits of high performing team.

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