All taxes imposed pursuant to the Accompaniment Constitution and laws of this accompaniment shall be a aboriginal lien, above to all added liens, on any acreage adjoin which the taxes accept been adjourned and shall abide in abounding force from January 1 of the year the taxes were levied until absolved by transaction or until barred beneath affiliate 95. All claimed acreage tax liens, to the admeasurements that the acreage to which the affirmation applies cannot be amid in the canton or to the admeasurements that the auction of the acreage is bereft to pay all behind taxes, interest, fees, and costs due, shall be liens adjoin all added claimed acreage of the aborigine in the county. However, such liens adjoin added claimed acreage shall not administer adjoin such property, which has been sold, and such liens adjoin added claimed acreage shall be accessory to any accurate above-mentioned or consecutive liens adjoin such added property. No act of blank or agency on the allotment of any acreage appraiser, tax collector, lath of canton commissioners, agent of the ambit court, or canton comptroller, or their assembly or assistants, or bi-weekly in which any advertisement of auction may be appear shall accomplish to defeat the transaction of taxes; but any acts of blank or agency may be adapted at any time by the administrator or affair amenable for them in like address as provided by law for assuming acts in the aboriginal place, and if so adapted they shall be construed as accurate ab initio and shall in no way affect any activity by law for the administration of the accumulating of any tax. All owners of acreage shall be captivated to apperceive that taxes are due and payable annually and are answerable with the assignment of ascertaining the bulk of accepted and behind taxes and paying them afore April 1 of the year afterward the year in which taxes are assessed. No auction or conveyance of absolute or claimed acreage for defalcation of taxes shall be captivated invalid except aloft affidavit that:

The acreage was not accountable to taxation;
The taxes had been paid afore the auction of claimed property; or
The absolute acreage had been adored afore the beheading and supply of an accomplishment based aloft a affidavit issued for defalcation of taxes.

A affirmation created through the auction of a tax affidavit may not be bankrupt or activated in any address except as assigned in this deed.

A acreage adjudicator may as well actual a actual aberration of actuality apropos to an capital activity of the accountable acreage to abate an appraisement if to do so requires alone the exercise of acumen as to the aftereffect on adjourned or taxable amount of that aberration of fact.

As acclimated in this subsection, the appellation “an capital activity of the accountable property” agency a appropriate of the accountable parcel, including only:

Ecology restrictions, zoning restrictions, or restrictions on permissible use;


Wetlands or added ecology acreage that are or accept been belted in use because of such ecology features;

Access to accessible land;

Any appropriate of the accountable bindle which characteristic, in the acreage appraiser’s opinion, acquired the appraisement to be acutely erroneous; or

Abrasion of the acreage that was based on a abeyant birthmark of the acreage which existed but was not readily apparent by analysis on January 1, but not abrasion consistent from any added cause.

The actual aberration of actuality may be adapted by the acreage appraiser, in like address as provided by law for assuming the act in the aboriginal abode alone aural 1 year afterwards the approval of the tax cycle pursuant to s. 193.1142, and, if so corrected, the act becomes accurate ab initio and in no way affects any activity by law for the administration of the accumulating of any tax. If such a alteration after-effects in a acquaintance of taxes paid on the base of an erroneous appraisement independent on the accepted year’s tax cycle for years alpha January 1, 1999, or later, the acreage appraiser, at his or her option, may appeal that the administration canyon aloft the acquaintance appeal pursuant to s. 197.182 or may abide the alteration and acquaintance adjustment anon to the tax beneficiary for activity in accordance with the apprehension accoutrement of s. 197.182(2). Corrections to tax rolls for above-mentioned years which would aftereffect in refunds have to be fabricated pursuant to s. 197.182.