Book Review Outline
Book title and author: Tale of the Elk by W.E.R. Bryne
Title of review: On The Elk River
Number of stars (1 to 5):4

The Great Elk River runs from the northern panhandle to the Ohio River. The story is about two men who have a passion for fishing. The authors purpose was to inform readers about the Elk River from whre it starts to where it ends on the seemingly magical trip on the river.
Description and summary of main points
In the story there is a man whose name is not mentioned but he has a friend who loves to fish with him. One trip the took they wanted to go fishing, so they looked for some old friends and talked to locals, they found a water hole behind a mans house where he told everyone no. Neighbors friends family and even he loved to fish and he wouldn’t fish back there for the reason that in the summer the trout population was nearly depleted and he wanted them to live till the fall so they can have babies and repopulate the stream. The other time they found the great dry bed of the river where it was dry for a whole mile. They were fishing and when walking back to camp he stumbled and hurt his leg so badly he said it made him sick. Later that night he was sleeping and in the middle of the night he was woke up by his friend to know that the river was rising. So now he is hurt badly and the river is rising so they have to escape to the safety of their truck 4 miles away.
I enjoyed the book because I used to live around the area that the book talked about.i found it interesting learning about the river up north past where I lived and and was able to apreiate the places ive been and where I want to go in the future.
The story ends but its like a legend to me. I beolieve that any man who is strong enough to keep fishing with an injured leg has to love fishing with a passion. More so than I do and trust me I love fishing.

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