For Basketball Fans
The book Summer Ball is written by Mike Lupica. He has written many good books including; Travel Team, Million Dollar Throw, Heat, Hot Hand, and Long Shot. He is one of the best sports writers in America. Experience and insider’s knowledge keep him at the top.
Summer Ball is about a boy named Danny Walker, who lives in Middletown, Long Island. Danny is thirteen years old and is short for his age. What Danny lacks in height he makes up for in heart, especially on the basketball court. Although he is small he is still very talented. He has dedicated a lot of time out of his young life towards basketball.
Most of the story takes place at an elite basketball camp he attended over the summer with his friends Will and Ty. He went to prove himself; people often over looked him because of his size. At the camp he started off a little rough by being separated from his friends right off the bat. Danny struggled at the camp, even with his talents; height was still a large factor.
This book is very entertaining most of the time, but there were a couple of parts I disliked. If you play basketball or attend basketball camps this book would interest you. If you are not associated with basketball or interested in the sport this book would not be fun to read.
I would definitely recommend this book to any person who likes basketball. I personally liked the book, but I suggest you read the book and see if you like it.

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