Stupid "Love"

Guys, they are very intricate, and hard to understand. I believe no girl will ever truly understand them. Most guys have strong aversion to being emotional, so they are highly unlikely to show how they feel about things. It drives a girl crazy when she tells a guy exactly how she feels, yet he won’t tell her a thing. Girls will spill their hearts out and get nothing back. I’m not sure what goes on in a guy’s head, but they make it seem like they just want girls to be confused. Especially when there is more than one girl involved.

Girls are just plain stupid a lot of the time, and make the mistake of ruining a great relationship. Then, they realize their mistake, but sometimes if you tell the guy how you feel, most the time he won’t come back just because you want him too; because they most likely weren’t serious in the first place. Think about it, would you just come back if you weren’t serious? Guys don’t make up their mind very easily. Girls don’t either, but when we don’t its more about decorations, colors, furniture, and just material things. With guys, it’s more about the girls. I’m pretty sure they like having more than one girl liking them, and they get close to all of them, creating relationships. That eventually just causes more drama though. When guys do that to girls it makes them feel special. Guys must not realize this, but just little things like giving a girl your jacket makes them feel like you’re doing it just for them, but then guys don’t realize and do the same for everyone.

I personally think there would be so much less drama if guys just came out and told us girls who they like. I’m like that, I’ll tell a guy when I like them, and I very rarely like more than one guy at a time. If I do, I figure out the real reasons, see who would be a better companion, and if they even like me back. Guys just go with the flow and don’t really try to think who they like more…or maybe even love, or at least they don’t see like it. Guys and girls should just tell people if they like each other, because if the other person doesn’t like you back then you can move on and not spend so much time wondering. I also think people should really get to know each other before they decide they like someone. I believe that’s why best friends are usually good together, because they really know each other and still love you for who you are. I also believe people should not get into real relationships if they are not serious. If you’re doing it just for fun, make it obvious. Don’t let things get serious and then just blow it off. It’s not right. Life would have less drama involving “love,” if people would just come clean, and stop amusing themselves with letting people wonder.