Strong Love to Weak Ends

I didn’t know that such a strong love could come to a weak end. Just knowing you thought that the love you had for someone was all so true and infinite that such great power could not interfere. To know that this love made you feel you so different made you feel happiness. Made you feel cared for and made you feel thought of. Some people abuse the word love someone once told me, they told me love is when you’re willing to take a bullet for someone. Yes i believe in that but sometimes ones love isn’t taking a bullet for someone but to bring that one person something they need in life. Or show that person that you care and will always be there in times of need.
You see when love is delt, feelings are accumulated and emotions are played in. So much being taken in from just the feeling of being loved or having love. You may love someone to the point of being a partner or you could love someone to the point of where your there for them, supporting them, and showing them that they have a friend to come to. I felt many kinds of love. Love for something, someone, and love for a passion. But loving someone was the most present, showing them new ways and blue skies and open them up to a world of pure happiness.
But who knew like I said such strong love to come to weak end. When the disagreements came in, and the false truths came knocking, and the arguments seemed to emerge everywhere, and problems seemed to pop out of everything you could think if with the thought of that loved one. It seems that all that you had gained and built to love was gone in a second when all began to crumble. Crumbling from such a height of love that took times ticking to do. And suddenly it feels as if your heart has come to a end and the feeling of love has just stopped running through the blood of your veins, and you care no more but to get your way and say in what’s right, the opinions and past seem to be the only thing you think of now. But does that love you felt in the beginning come up anywhere of the thoughts not thought. I must say they did, but it seemed as if the hole being dug so deep has hit rock bottom. Now at rock bottom there’s only one way, up, that is what. But sometimes up seems as no option for the loved ones with no sense of how they even got there. The happiest of moments seem to have faded from memory and what were last said in an argument are flashes before the cycle of the brains memories.
So what… does love always end up in such bad one would ask, or can it just stay in a positive flow. In some peoples tale of love they do live a life so happily together, but in the eyes of most love is just another thing one wants but really didn’t need. In in the end all weak from what we thought was such a strong love.