The San FranciscoDepartment of Human Resources (DHR) has thirteen employees, who perform the core work of the recruitment and management of the city’s workforce through training and development services. DHR’s process efficiencies are based on the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), which facilitates employees’ relations through effective written communication, based on the electronic informational exchange that supports eMerge PeopleSoft roll-out. As an integrated human capital management system, eMerge is part of the WD objective of the DHR that implies the provision of the transformational challenging expansion of training and the recognition of leadership styles and models in conflicting communication situations.

Process Efficiencies

DHR internal communication is based on the DiSC model, which is used for understanding the behavior’s construction of evaluated competence and the commitment of employees to leader’s decision-making during the achievement of task-oriented goals. For that purpose, the centralized power of decision-making is based on the traditional strategies of organizing with limited requirements for established communication chains.

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Theoretical Perspective

It is worthwhile agreeing with Charles Conrad and Marshall Poole that traditional strategies of organizing presuppose that “job-related communication flows through the chain of command”, and “requires specialized skills” that alter the successful performance of other tasks. However, MOU and DiSC model’s process efficiencies help utilizing and developing the best employees’ talents during the interpretation of informational exchange, and do not “complicate informational flow”, considering their “different levels of organizational power and status”, and the “centralization of power in decision making” due to the structure of the department.

Personal Insight

Regarding the issue of effective employees’ relations, the classmate pointed out, “The established task-oriented DiSC model can shift emphasize from the outcome-based project solutions to the in-depth view of employees’ competence in project communication”. Therefore, the traditional strategies of HR communication based on the DiSC model can be focused on the people-oriented relations that consider employees’ experiences, understanding behavior and proper interpretation of information flow. In this respect, job-related communication will be revitalized, since it will not include only “written policies and procedures”, but will improve employees’ “listening skills”, and eliminate “communication breakdowns”, regarding the aspects of the established situational leadership model of the DHR.

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