Strategic management

Strategic managements in many corporate institutions depend on some of the organizational or corporate values that the organization adheres to. There are very many values implemented by the management committee of each and every organization. In every organization, it is always believed that leaders are the only people who are expected to run an organization and any kind of mess-up within the organization, they are the ones to blame. In an organization, many co-workers or junior members of staff do not perform their duties and responsibilities to the letter assuming that the organization is not their personal property but a corporate.

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According to me, organizational leaders should not be blamed for all mess-ups made in organizations as they only give directions. Assumption of work on the side of employees or corporate members is not also a good value as corporate should be run by all members and it is a property for all. Not all organizational values are bad but there are those that are good and can make a great change in the organization or company. Corporate or project management is very difficult to manage.

Project management is the most appropriate technique in the workplace because it can be reduced to the management of technical activities that were designed during the project proposal and very little effort is required in the planning of the implementation, monitoring as well as the project evaluation. This technique is more than just the implementation of the activities that are identified in the log frame; it includes the management of all the components that constitute a project; starting from the resources, risks together with changes to ensure that the project meets its goals within the anticipated quality, budget and timeframe, and concurrently meeting the shareholder’s expectations.

The implementation of the scenario planning technique can be done in several types of organizations, at various levels within those organizations, and for many different reasons or purposes. Nonetheless, any organization that requires a process or procedure for planning for the future uncertainties could significantly benefit from the use of this king of technique. Despite their story-like quality, scenarios follow recognizable and systematic steps. The process is highly intense, imaginative and interactive.

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