These are online tools that target job seekers in their search for jobs as well as employers and advertisers to advertise and offer jobs to active job seekers in several countries.

Given the sites’ business nature, they are developed using responsive designs and modern palette to appeal to visitors. Each site is user-friendly to customers since they are easy and quick to navigate through. The sites also use graphics and videos to convey information to visitors. For instance, http://careerbuilder.comand integrate the use of videos to provide more information to visitors on their service delivery.

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The sites are all based on the target i.e. client base. They aim to draw the attention of job seekers, employers and advertisers. Each site presents a first page where one enters basic information on what he/she is seeking. The home page for and use bold colors, imagery and fonts to enhance visualization, has a basic search page.

In terms of technology, all the sites employ social media such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for ease of access and interaction. They also provide sharing of information through emails. A user can create an account on the site or sign up using social media. In addition, can be accessed on its mobile site using mobile phones, while and have mobile phone applications through which users can access them.

These websites contain features which give their users a rich experience and allow visitors to easily find what they are interested in as well as options to receive responses from various sources through email capability and social media. This way, users contribute in creating a wide variety of resources for everyone who visits the websites. They also have a facility where customers can search for words or phrases which they are interested in through well filtered search categories.

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