Stormbreaker is an intense action/adventure book by Anthony Horowitz. Alex Rider’s uncle, Ian Rider, died in a car crash. They tell Alex it was a head on collision with a truck, and he would have survived if he had been wearing a seatbelt. But Alex doesn’t believe them. He knew his uncle was much more careful than that. So when he goes to a wrecking yard and finds his uncle’s car with bullet holes in it, it uncovers his uncle’s secret past. His uncle was a spy and was killed by an assassin! When Alex tries to dig deeper into his discovery, he gets sucked in, recruited by the government, and sent off to finish his uncle’s unfinished work. Before he knows it, he’s fighting for his life, and hundreds of thousands more.

I couldn’t put Stormbreaker down once I started reading it. Horowitz writes with a lot of suspense and intrigue. This book was very action packed and interesting. You can feel the intensity of each and every sentence: “He yanked down on the steering wheel and twisted away as his wing mirror exploded and a spray of bullets slammed into the windshield and door.” I would recommend this book to kids ages 10 to 18 years old. If I could rate this book, I’d rate it a ten out of ten. Read this book and you won’t be disappointed!

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