Storm Breaker by Anthony Horowitz

First his parents die, then his uncle dies, and now all he has left is his housekeeper Jack. He can lose everything that he still has if he doesn’t make the decision they want him to make. He wants to find out some more about his uncle’s very suspicious death, but one wrong turn can have him killed. At the same time, he enters a whole new and dangerous world that he has only seen and heard of in movies. An action packed, suspenseful novel with a main character named Alex Rider. Storm Breaker, by Anthony Horowitz, is an amazing and thrilling book.

I really like this author’s voice. Sometimes there are amazing descriptions of action scenes or breathtaking imagery of settings, but most of the book Alex is vividly thinking or talking. In this book you can see all of the different characteristics of different characters because of the intense dialogue. This book has very little narration, so it’s really good for someone who likes a lot of action and dialogue.

Right off the bat, this book has conflict. Alex’s uncle, Ian Rider, died in a “car accident.” Ian was all that Alex had left in his family. After that, every turn Alex made, there were strange feelings of death traveling throughout his body. His long and very hard journey starts with him trying to find out what actually happened to his uncle and why. To figure out what conspiracy he unravels, you’ll have to read the book.

One big message that I took out of this book is to be prepared to fight for what you believe in. When Ian Rider, Alex’s uncle, dies in a “car accident,” Alex isn’t sure that the police report is true, or he thinks that they are hiding something. He became really nosey after that. At his uncle’s funeral, he noticed that a limo driver had a gun in his pocket, and he starts looking for his uncle’s car to find out something unpleasantly important. Now he has to make a choice that might lead to him losing everything, or even worse getting killed. I think this book really proves that lesson. All in all, that’s one lesson that I really took out of this book.

The way the author writes this book in terms of the point of view is great. Most of the time, you see the story in Alex’s point of view, but sometimes you get to listen to private conversations that Alex doesn’t. So, it’s kind of like you get to take the journey with Alex, but at the same time you know more than he does. I think that it is one key aspect that really draws the reader into the book. Anthony Horowitz did a great job with point of view.

Overall, Anthony Horowitz, the author of Storm Breaker, did a great job making this book interesting and thrilling. How will he react to having nobody? Will he find out what happened to his uncle? Will he do what they want? Will he get killed? These are questions that might be going through your head and will all be answered by Alex Rider during his adventure.