Someone like You by Sarah Dessen

Someone like You
By Sarah Dessen
Sarah Dessen has written many books. She has been writing basically her entire life and has always loved reading. Sarah sold her first novel three years after she graduated. She grew up in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and was born in 1970. Her parents are both professors at the University. She currently lives with her husband, daughter, and dogs.

Someone like You is a young adult fiction novel that takes place in present-time. The main characters of the story are neighbors, Scarlett and Halley. They are both juniors in high school, but are opposites and have been ever since they were little girls. Scarlett is a wild, daring red-head, while Halley is more reserved and shy. Scarlett has been dating someone named Michael all summer, but at the beginning of the school year he gets killed in a motorcycle accident and things start to go downhill from there.

Scarlett and Halley have been best friends since childhood. When Scarlett moved in they instantly became best friends. That is what Halley has always wanted, an awesome nest-door neighbor. Halley made hand signals so they could communicate through the window shadows. She even had flashlight light flash signals. It was like their own Morse Code. They had a very unique and balanced friendship. That’s what made it so special.
Scarlett and Halley are both in high school. Scarlett was dating a boy named Michael all summer. At the beginning of junior year he was killed in a crazy motorcycle accident. Soon after the funeral, Scarlett finds out she is carrying his baby. This time Scarlett really needs Halley. This will test their friendship, but will they pass?
The theme of Someone like You is that no one is who they seem to be. The one of the book was trust and friendship. Although Scarlett is young, should she keep the baby as a symbol and memory of Michael? Halley will always support Scarlett and her decisions. Who else will? Maybe her plan isn’t the best for some people.
Someone like You is an amazing book full of emotions. I’ve never read a book like this. It is very relatable and could happen to anyone. One moment you’re happy and the next you’re crying. Overall, Someone like You is a fantastic book. It’s full of plot twists and drama. The novel always keeps your attention, there’s not a single boring moment. I would most certainly recommend this book to anyone who’s in middle school looking for a great book.