Social work is a profession for people who want to help others. Social workers deal with other people’s problems, they try to help people to overcome all sorts of hardships they face everyday. Social workers assist in various social problems, such as unemployment, housing, abuse in the family, disease and lots of others. There are various fields of social work, one of them is family sector, where social workers help single parents, abused children and arrange adoptions. In schools social workers deal with relations between students, their parents and school. (Payne, 1996) They assist students in coping with different emotional problems, communicate with parents in order to maintain trust between them and their kids. Moreover, social workers face extremely serious problems such as teenage misbehavior, drug and alcohol addiction, teenage pregnancy etc.

On the other hand, public health social workers help individuals who suffer from life-threatening diseases as AIDS or cancer, and provide psychosocial support. They work with senior citizens and their relatives as well as with people recovering from surgery or therapy. There are also groups, which help individuals with mental illnesses, they arrange different services where people acquire skills needed for everyday living. Programs to deal with issues such as homelessness, poverty and violence are developed by social work administrators, researchers, planners and policymakers. They research policies, program, and regulations, identify social problems and suggest solutions, they raise funds to support these programs and try to involve as much people in these activities as possible. The main feature of social work is the profession’s concentration on individual well­being in a social context and the well­being of society. (Reamer, 2006) The most important issue to social work is attention to the environmental forces that create, contribute to, and address problems in living. Qualified social work professionals are often supported by social work assistants, and they also co- operate closely with other health and social care staff.

Social work is not easy however. Every day social workers face various problems in order to help people who have been socially excluded or who are experiencing crisis. Many of them are employed in agencies which provide 24 hour services, such as hospitals, crisis centers, protective agencies and others. Sometimes social workers have to work on holidays, on weekends, and off shifts become not as free due to the on-call basis being away from the work setting. Usually, social workers are underpaid and work in constant fear of stuff reduction. Frequently social workers have to perform effectively in hazardous situations without adequate protective measures for their health and safety. Medical and prison social workers often face patients with an airborne-communicable diseases such as TB without being informed of the risk and without adequate protective masks. Social workers very often interact with clients on a crisis basis without security staff or basic safety precautions. ( Germain & Gitterman 1996) The social work system isn’t the best system. It’s confusing and, sometimes, extremely irritating. One has to stay grounded with what he really wants and needs to do in order to help others.

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Social worker’s tasks typically include offering information and support to service users and their families, maintaining and sometimes making decisions about the best course of action for a particular service user, taking part in training, supervision and team meetings, arranging and managing packages of support to enable service users to lead the fullest lives possible.(Payne, 1996) It is very emotional profession and for sure stressful job, as sometimes you are not able to help someone the way you really want. This job may be frustrating and unrewarding but there also advantages of being social worker because you can help other people change their lives, and it is not desk- stuck job however, social worker is always involved in the action.

Social workers’ purpose is to end discrimination, poverty, oppression and other forms of social injustice. Their activities include consultation, administration, advocacy, direct practice, community organizing, social as well as political action and policy development. Social workers encourage various social institutions to help individuals in their needs and social problems. Main purposes of social worker’s profession are: to help people in need and to address social problems, to respect the inherent dignity and worth of the person, to recognize the central importance of human relationships and of course a desire to increase their professional knowledge. Client’s interest are social workers’ main priority, therefore they help their clients to identify their problems and seek for possible solutions. When providing services, social workers have to be well-informed, educated, possess certain professional experience. (Dickson, 1998)

It is very important to be ready to work with people from different culture groups. Social worker is supposed to understand the nature of social diversity and oppression within respect to race, age, religion, disabilities, sexual orientation and immigrant status. It is necessary to respect individual’s right to privacy and be careful with clients private information. Social workers should discuss with clients confidentiality and limitations of their right to confidentiality. Social workers should review with clients circumstances where confidential information may be needed and where disclosure of confidential information may be legally required. This discussion has to take place as soon as possible. Sexual relationships can not occur between social workers and their clients, nor with the members of their family. It is also important for social worker to communicate with his client using accurate and respectful language in all communications to and about clients.

The required minimum for social worker is a bachelor’s degree in social work. Employment of social workers is expected to increase during the following decade, as long as growing elderly population and needs of growing generation will create greater demand for health and social services, resulting in job growth among social workers. Number of private social service agencies is growing employing new workers day after day. Moreover, demand for school social workers will continue and lead to more jobs as efforts are expanded to respond to rising student enrollments, as well as the continuing integrating children with disabilities into the general school population. Social workers have to be skilled in coordinating complex networks of integrated service delivery particularly in those situations of uncertainty where relationships are complex and where there is a high degree of risk to the person using social work services and (Reamer, 2006) to the wider community. Social work is usually required when individuals, families or groups are facing life changing problem or challenge, therefore social work is supposed to protect the wellbeing of children, adults, families and communities. Professional social work is focused on problem solving and change, it draws on theories of human development, behavior and social systems to analyze complex situations and to implement individual, social and cultural changes.

There is a wide range of duties that can be considered social work, that is why professional social workers may be employed in many different fields. They help people by finding resources: for a person with family difficulties, social workers are trying to find a parenting class or support group, for a homeless person, they might find a shelter and a career training program.(Germain & Gitterman, 1996) It goes without saying, that profession of social worker is extremely stressful and exhausting. Unfortunately, despite all efforts, social worker activity does not prove to be appreciated.

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