Social Networking

Social networking is the practice of expanding social contact by making connections through individuals. Many people think that social networking is a negative impact to our society. I think social networking is a positive factor because it allows people around the world to create new relationships and reconnect with friends and family. There are many opinions around the world that involve pros with the topic social networking.

Social networking has many more good impacts. For example social networking increases communication online, and it strengthens relationships. There are many more social networking sites but one in particular is Facebook. Facebook allows you to connect with people that you haven’t seen in years. This motive can create a better relationship with former classmates or friends, or even long distance family members. Social networking sites also allow for creative expression in a new approach. These sites provide free messaging, blogging, photo storage, games, event invitations, and many other services to anyone with access to a computer and the internet. Also studies have shown that being a part of a social network has a positive impact, including increased quality of life and a reduction in the risk of health problems. They help improve stroke recovery, memory retention, and overall well being.

Interacting with a social network can improve your writing and comprehension ability. Studies have showed that people who have frequent conversations with other people can improve their writing ability because the constant typing is perfect practice for spelling errors and grammar mistakes. Also social networking sites bring people with common interest together, offer exposure, to new ideas from around the world, and lower inhibitions to overcome social anxiety. People who have a difficult time communicating in person are more comfortable interacting on the internet.

Overall social networking truly is an optimistic feature used to communicate with friends, loved ones, and colleagues. It is also a useful tool to meet people with similar interest, from foreign countries, and educate us on their different life styles.