Social Media's Negative Influences on Society

Isn’t it annoying when you are trying to have a conversation with someone and you have to repeat it to them because they were on their phone? Also, when teens see a fight they immediately take out their phones to record it instead of trying to resolve it. Teens are always looking at social media on there phones in class. Social media is a bad influence on kids and young adults in today’s society because it causes a lot more bullying, distractions from classes and jobs, and teens are sharing too much information online.

Teens now-a-day have so many different social media accounts and all of them share a lot of information that should be private and that random strangers shouldn’t know about. There are also an increase of kidnappings, abductions, and sexual abuse. Nathan Miller says, “more than 1.7 million reports of child sexual abuse since December 2012” Yes, teens can put their profile on private or block people but that isn’t a 100 percent guarantee. This also says that 71% of teens are comfortable with sharing their school or home address on the internet, 53% listed at least one email address, and 20% have their phone number on the internet. These numbers prove how much information we actually share online and it is really easy for people to find us based on this amount of information.

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A lot of people use their phones or other technological devices during class or a meeting or at their job. It may not seem like a big deal but it causes a lot of distractions that could end up causing something severe to occur. You could be on your phone and your boss tell you to do something and you pay half attention and you could get fired, your teacher could tell you about a homework assignment and you may not get what date it was on and you could end up not doing it, or you could be distracted during a meeting and not understand what’s going on when someone asks you a question or asks for your opinion. I’ve also had personal experiences with this like seeing kids getting caught on their phone in class and even me. One of my older brothers also got fired because he was on his phone too much.

This generation of kids use social media all the time and it started out simple and harmless but it has turned into something that causes a lot of problems and it really needs to stop.. Kids used to bully other kids at school and around their neighborhoods and as if that’s not bad enough, kids are starting to get bullied on their social media also. We need to help fix social media from all of this or we just need to end it.

Social media has a bad influence on kids, teens, and adults. I am a teen also and at first I believed that social media helped our society and a lot of other teens will agree but after all looking deep into the subject, I realized that it hurts a lot more than it helps. There needs to be a change!

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