According to the American Cancer Society, an estimated 443,000 early deaths each year from 2000 to 2004 totaling more than 2 million deaths over a 5 year period… 450,000 people died last year due to smoking. And there is still 43 million people smoking. America needs to make smoking illegal, now!

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My mother is a smoker. She has been since before I was even born. Also, my aunt, under age cousin, step-dad, and pretty much every one on my real dads side. My mother says that when she started smoking, that it felt like every time she took a drag, that she was letting someone down. O, want to know what else, smoking can damage your
Nasal cavities (nose), Pharynx (throat),esophagus, stomach, liver, pancreas, kidney, bladder, uterine cervix, acute myeloid leukemia, and it can cause cancer in the mouth. This information is coming from the American Cancer Society. So why would you even do it if you know it’s bad for you, even though it’s addicting?

Reports from 2007, coming from the CDC (Center for Disease Control), show that 20% of high school students are reporting current cigarette use, 14% are reporting current cigar use, and 18% are reporting current smokeless tobacco use. If high school students are spending there money on this, then are they going to have money for a better education, a new car, to go to prom, rent when they move out, and other necessities of life? Also, where are you going to find a job or apartment that allows smoking, even though a lot do now?

If you are a female smoker, here are some facts that may get you thinking. Have you ever thought about having kids? Well if you are a smoker you might have some difficulties. Like so, you are more likely to have miscarriage, there are major health problems for new mommy and baby, baby may be premature, there is a big risk for SIDS(Sudden Infant Deaths), and that beautiful baby of your dreams might have a cleft pallet. Plus, if you continue to smoke after they are born, you can give them second hand smoke, witch can lead to heart & lung cancer, says the CDC.

Yes, the smoking %’s have gone down, says the American Cancer Society. They went from 42% down to 21% during the period of 1965 to 2005, that is 50%! But, what about the other 43 million that are still smoking? According to the “litter bugs me” article in teen ink, it takes 30 years for a cigarette bud to dissolve. Then the community service has to go clean up stuff.

Okay, I was at the local Last Chance and I was looking at the prices of chew and cigarettes. For a pack of Marlboro-lights is $5.25 , and if you are an average smoker then you probably smoke a pack a day. That means that you get a pack a day, and there is 7 days in a week, witch means you spend $36.75 a week. And $157.50 a month. For a total amount you spend $ 1,916.25 a year. I would love to have that much money! With that you could buy 6 months worth of gas, 4 months worth of food, new appliances, a shopping spree, new furniture, 1weeks vacation. Or, if you want, 1 years worth of cigarettes, if that’s the way you want to burn your money.

Now on to chew, that nasty spit stuff. It is currently $4.29 at our last chance for one can. So that will equal $30.03 a week, if you are an average smoker. $128.70 for a months worth. And then it equals a total of $1,565.85 for a year of buying chew. Lets think about that… it’s a whole bunch of freaking money! Ya, it’s not just going to appear in your pocket, but it will come and that will be nice.

Possibly your thinking: “if the government does make tobacco products illegal, won’t the prohibition thing from 1920 happen all over again?” Well if it does, the U.S. will deal with it but for now, lets try. So, my fellow readers I am asking you to try to stop smoking. Make a public commitment to stop. Ya, I am just a little 8th grade nobody, in a little nobody town, in my little nobody house, living a little nobody life, to you. But I do think that my opinion does matter. I am, as you my already know, a child of a smoker, and it is not fun on any level. So please America, stop.

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