Is smoking the real problem?

Smoking should remain legal. If the government was to ban smoking it doesn’t mean the habit will stop. Smoking should not be illegal. Smoking cigarettes can actually save money on medical bills. Smoking goes back to First Nations years. There is a difference between using traditionaltobacco and commercial tobacco in a non-traditional as in smoking cigarettes.

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If the government were to ban smoking, people would still figure out a way to get cigarettes most likely underground or other illegal means. Which means that the black market will thrive and gain more profit. This would only generate more crime, just so people can find cigarettes to smoke.

This will cause courts to be busier than they already are. Smoking is a freedom and a right. Certain citizens really enjoy having the privilege. An organized international body of criminals, will protect the black market, this is called a mafia. When a mafia appears, there can be wars, violence, corruption, and bloodshed. This is clearly the same as to what is happening with the narcotics war.

In the 1920’s the United States and a few others places banned alcohol, becoming known as the prohibition era. This was also known as the golden age. Those 13 years should have taught us that simply banning substances does not work. It does not stop the habit. This is the same situation as what is happening now. The government has to pick and choose their battles.It is hard to ban everything that is bad for you( Soda, Burgers, and Caffeine). There is no guarantee that banning things will solve a problem and make it go away. Smoking needs to be managed, but banning it would be counterproductive

Smokers may investmoney on cigarettes but they can save money on medical bills. The study, from the University of Adelaide in Australia, proves that people who smoke have less risk of having total joint replacement surgery than those who have never smoked at all. Undergoing knee surgery was more common with joggers and the obese; The researchers were at a loss as to why this was but could be that the nicotine in tobacco helps prevent cartilage and joint de-orientation. Smoking helps the heart drug Clopidogrel work better. A study by Korean researchers in October 2010 was issued in the journal, Thrombosis Research builds on top of work done by Harvard researchers published in 2009 that explains the benefit of smoking at least ten cigarettes a day. It claims that cigarette smoke activates certain proteins called Cytochromes, which convert Clopidogrel into a more active state. Furthermore it is scientifically proven that smoking one cigarette a day reduces the side effects of Crohn’s and Colitis.Taxes from cigarettes fund a lot of our medical system. Spend a small amount of money on cigarettes and save moremoney on your medical bills.

For many years, natural tobacco has been an essential part of the Aboriginal culture in many parts of Canada, especially British Columbia. Smoking was used inrituals, ceremonies, and prayer. Tobacco was known as a sacred plant with immense healing, spiritual benefits, and power. The tobacco plant should be treated with great respect. There is a traditional tobacco and a commercial tobacco and the modern dayaddictions we see today. Smoking goes back to First Nations generations.

Some may claim that smoking is bad for you because of the disease that can occur from smoking. Yes, smoking can be harmful to our bodies and contributes to some deaths around the world. But there are some pros to smoking. There is less risk of knee-replacement surgery, Parkinson’s disease, obesity, risks of death after having some heart attacks. Smoking helps the heart drug Clopidogrel perform better.. In exampleMy neighbour’s mother, who is 98 and has smoked all her life. If she were to quit smoking that would undoubtedly kill her. Smoking isn’t bad, however it’s the chemicals that are added. Thus are the real problem.

Smoking should remain legal. Smoking dates back to theFirst Nation times. In certain medical situations smoking can actually help. The Government should not ban smoking. Smoking should remain legal.