Smoking should be illegal

Do you think smoking should be illegal? Well sometimes I think it should be because people can get really bad lung cancer. People can die from first, second and third degree smoking or worse. Would you like your parents smoking in front of you I don’t think so. It gives you a bad taste in life. If your parents are smoking in front of you tell them to stop and tell them why.

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Do you know how much a pack of cigarettes cost? They cost about $5.00 a pack and the big pack is about $50.00 a pack that’s a lot of money for cigarettes. I don’t know why people pay so much for cigarettes they go through them in like 2 days maybe even a day according to the department of health. One pack in two days or less that’s a lot there’s like 20 cigarettes in every box. Did you know that 5.4 million people die every year from smoking? Also people who are broke really shouldn’t be worried about buying cigarettes they should be worried about there life and what there going to do with every thing in it. We should make smoking illegal because a lot of famous people have died from smoking such as BABE RUTH, PETER JENNINGS, ANN RICHARDS and many other people have died from smoking chewing and other things.

Every 6.5 seconds a person dies from smoking according to the health association. Also don’t you hate people who throw there cigarettes out in the street and then animals get them and they eat them then the animals die because of the taste from the cigarettes. They also make the sky dirty and every thing else in the world.

The other side of this story is. Should smoking be legal? Do you think smoking should be legal? Well sometimes I do because people smoke because it’s COOL. Not because they have to do it also I think people would get addicted a lot and smoke a lot. If the government took the cigarettes away there would be another mafia and more killings and people would die more often. That’s why we can’t take the cigarettes away. And that is my advice to the government and citizens out there. That smoking should be illegal to this world I say throw them away and keep are sociaty safe.

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