I genuinely believe you are stupid if you smoke – especially teenagers.
& why is this, well for starters smoking can quite often lead to cancer. Yes, I fully understand that everyone starts smoking for a different reason, some started young because their parents smoked, peer pressure, so on and so forth. But lets be honest if you are a teenager in the year of 2010 and you smoke – you are dumb. It’s not like years ago when people did not know that the effects of smoking were life threatening. There is no excuse for teenagers, you turn on the tv there are commercials about lung cancer, commercials about second-hand smoke, pick up a pack of cigarettes – ever seen the picture put on the box, lovely isn’t it? You think that that picture is a joke, just because they can, no by law it’s mandatory to have a picture of diseased lungs on a pack of ciagrettes to show you exactly what you are doing to yourself everytime you ‘light-up.’

Just quit, and yes I am not so stupid as to think, that you can just quit in a day – it takes work, it’s a life long struggle. But, really? Is it that hard of a choice to make:
Stop smoking, Live longer.

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