Sisters by Raina Telgemeier

The book Sisters by R Telgemeier is about a girl named Reina who really wants a baby sister. She gets what she wants, but she soon is is regretting it. Her sister is very cranking and is not how Raina expected her to be. Over the years of ups and downs they go through their childhood. After a while they get a new member in the family, baby Will. Then when they take a trip to Colorado to meet their cousins the story then begins to change. The story takes place in a family roadtrip to Colorado. This book was published August 26, 2014.

There are mostly twomain characters in the story. The first one is Raina the oldest of the three kids. She is obsessed with her Walkman. She takes it everywhere. She also has a huge hate for snakes. Ever since she stepped on a dead one when she went berry picking when she was younger. It gets even worse when her sister asks for a pet SNAKE. Raina is has brown hair and she loves to listen to music. She doesn’t like trying new things and unique. Amara on the other hand is the middle child in the family. She loves to draw, and when she was little she was obsessed with Bambi. She also loves pets, but is disappointed when she can only have a fish since her father is allergic to cats and their apartment doesn’t allow dogs. Later on in the story she gets a chameleon, sadly he dies to because the crickets they gave him to eat ate him. How ironic. The last pet the had was a pet snake. Well lets not speak of that because Raina is going to freak what’s coming her way on this road trip.

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The minor characters are there parents and Will. They aren’t really described that much in the story. The dad whose name is Dennis used to work, but lost his job so he had to look after the girls.This is when the mom considered going to college. They struggle through some financial issues. Later on he gets a job at Silicon Valley. He brings home a computer where Amara is obsessed with. She loves using the drawing program. Will is the youngest of the three kids. He is the only boy they had and he loves toy cars. In the beginning all three had to share a room with both Amara and Raina hate it.

The book starts of with the family eating dinner and making sure they have everything packed for the road trip to Colorado. As the story progresses there are flashback of Raina’s past. Like when her Baby sister was born. At first Raina wanted a sister more then anything, but when she was born she was very satisfied with her wish. When they go to colorado Raina gets worried that he cousins won’t like her. She really wants to be like her cool, popular, gorgeous cousin Lindsey. Raina is starting high school in just a couple weeks and she is sort of worried what people will think of her, and she asks Lindsey for advice. That doesnt really got as expected. The family is done with their road trip and they start heading back. They kids wonder why their father is taking a plane back to San Francisco. They find out that there parents aren’t getting along anymore. Then everything changes when they run out of fuel.

I really enjoyed this book. Mainly because it was a graphic novel and I personally love color and pictures. I also liked this book because it was very entertaining and had the theme of “no matter how much you fight you will always be sisters.” This book is perfect for anyone from the ages of 10 and up because it is easy to read and it is childish and has some serious twists to it.

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