You don’t have too try to hard
You don’t even notice the signs that are given to you
Or do you just try to ignore them
Do you even know the signs you’re sending?
Or are you just trying to be nice
Do you even notice me

We don’t know anything about each other
It feels like we were meant to be
Our souls met before we did
It connected as one
The more I talk to you
The more I want to know about you

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We have chemistry and history together
The kind of spark every human being hopes to find
Some people live their whole life
Just going down a path
Not knowing which road to choose
Hoping to choose the right one

The problem is there is no right or wrong paths
You just have to live like there is no tomorrow
Having no shame and be truthful to who you are
Is the first step to any great relationship
Our relationship might not be perfect
We just have to have each other’s back

We have each other
That’s all that matter
What is great about life
if you don’t have someone to spend it with

Late nights together
Eating ice cream
Watching late night movies
The life we imagine
I hope we have it together

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