The world as we know it has come to an end due to a horrific event now referred to as “D-Day.” In the novel, Shutdown by Heather Anastasiu, readers experience the hardships of restoring peace and humanity to the world.
A time of war between the Chancellor, or head of the government, and the Resistance fighters is the setting of the book. The pitiless Chancellor is able to control the citizens of the world by installing different kinds of software into people of all ages turning humans into machines with no free will. To restore humanity a young girl named Zoe, one of the resistance fighters, must not only defeat the Chancellor, but also shutdown the software that has been installed in millions of people. Zoe’s life has been directly affected by the Chancellor due to the fact that she captured Zoe’s brother and turned the boy Zoe loved and still loves, Adrian, into a totally different person incapable of feelings. Zoe, Adrian, and the other Resistance fighters must use their special gifts to complete a seemingly impossible mission, to restore humanity, with no leader. The plot line of the story is action packed with the struggles of war and Zoe’s longing to have the people she loves back into her life.
I highly recommend reading Shutdown because there is action and surprises on every page.