Should we support Gay Marriage?
Should we support gay marriage? In my opinion why not? Why because they are still human, and don’t all humans deserve to love?


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Why people don’t agree
there are many reasons why people who don’t support it, mainly religious groups. They don’t support it one bit. Mainly because they follow deeply into the bible to instruct there life. Others who don’t support it believes, that it’s just confusion of whom to love, basically (human attraction)

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Legal places for gays
Since the year of 2000, states have allowed gays to be gays. In 2012, our President Barack Obama had made it official that gays are allowed to get married in Hawaii. Soon it spread to other countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Scotland, Sweden, and recently this year Scotland (Wales).

Gays should have rights
Gay couples requested if they can adopt children. There request came true. It is legal for gays to adopt children. Scientist have studied that children having gays as parents don’t affect them.

We should
People should start to understand that love is love, it’s not affecting our society. Many people say it disgusting, human disgrace, and that gays shouldn’t exist. I will simply just say Let Love Be.

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