Should I Do It?

Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines regret as “ to feel sad or sorry about something that you did or did not do.” At some point in life everyone goes through regret it might be something they did and they wish they could take it back, or something they did not do and they wish they did. Regret is seen in real life and also seen in the book “Macbeth”.

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I’ve seen people experience some type of regret in my environment. People always talk about how they wish they could have done something and did not do it when they had the chance. For example, my cousin Amy regrets that she did not try as hard as she should have. Now , she wishes that she could take back those years and actually try her best to get into a good college. Only if her GPA was high enough she could have a chance to get a good scholarship.

People like myself have experienced regret as well. I wish I could have made different decisions in my past. For example, when my grandfather passed away, his funeral was the day after he died and I did not think that I could go because I was here in Philadelphia and he was in Dominican Republic. I regret not trying hard enough to actually go to his funeral and now I regret that I did not say my last goodbyes. I wish I would have gone, maybe I would feel a little bit better. I should have taken a chance on the opportunity that I had.

Macbeth, is a great example of regret. In the beginning of the play he was perfectly happy just being the Thane of Cawdor, then he bumped into some witches that told him his future and told him that he was going to become king. After having the mindset that he was going to become king in the future, he told his wife and she desperately wanted him to become king as soon as possible so she would do anything to make that happen. They eventually had a dinner for the king and that night they decided to kill him. When Macbeth finally killed the king he regretted it after and he said that he wished that the king would wake up to hear the knocking on the door. After that, Macbeth kept killing everyone that was in his way because he said that he was too deep in the puddle of blood to get out of it.

In life, I believe that every human experiences some type of regret. They wish they could have done things differently or they wish they could erase something they did. However, regret can still help us in life. Lucille Ball said, “ I’d rather regret the thing I’ve done than regret the things I haven’t done”. Take advantage of every opportunity that you have.

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