Shipped Overseas

A large number of people in the US are suffering due to the lack of employment. Jobs are there, but the problem is that these jobs are being shipped overseas. It falls out of place for America to ship jobs when they have an unemployment problem. Shipping jobs to other nations and states is done by the leaders of the USA. The American business is affected by this problem of outsourcing jobs. Every American product is a job in the state that keeps families together in one community. For a nation to be affected by job shipping there, there are the firms that invest abroad.

A national debate on the practices of employment in the United States of America firms and companies features two aspects that tend to confuse, i.e. outsourcing and offshoring. Americans tend to interchange these phrases, referring to the painful loss of jobs aided by organizations and investors. A large number of these citizens are troubled by the shipping of jobs from the United States of America to other nations. Much stock is not put into whether these jobs stay in a firm or another party involvement triggering the loss of jobs. The debate about offshoring versus outsourcing is considered meaningless by the citizens of America. It is all overseas shipping of jobs to them. Offshoring is known as the character of the US. The European companies and Japanese firms send knowledge and industrial work to other third party companies that are abroad. The aim in this offshoring interaction is to make a good use of operating costs and lower wages.

However, this is different as outsourcing, according to Plunkett, is putting companies from outside to carry out a duty that should otherwise be done by a local firm. The difference is that it can be done within the local borders or even abroad. The information on overseas offshoring practices is not easy to establish, according to the Congressional Service on researches that states that these practices are not purposed to link losses or gains of employment in America, either individually in companies or firms with those of overseas. Moreover, firms attempt to cut down on the exposure of practices of outsourcing; this has led researchers to see that also broad methodologies captured only the third of production. There is still much to comprehend about outsourcing. Some trends are recorded for the American economy.

High prices have been paid by American communities due to this overseas’ investment trend. In the 1990s and 2000s, when the overseas involvement was new, shipping jobs overseas was considered a crucial factor in the nation’s economic consolidation. Local governments came out to commit millions of funding it in taxpayer dollars. As a result of a stiff competition, the proper processes were shunned and many did not sign any agreements to determine the conditions and time. Enabling the firms to run on their terms proves to be difficult to control. The result was being double-crossed leading to taxpayers settling the bill themselves. Workers suffered from the loss of jobs in America as they had to train their new replacements to work overseas. Although establishing workers being the victims to this is difficult, the individuals affected in other ways walk the streets of America daily.

Multinationals of the U.S shifted jobs in huge numbers overseas in the year 2000. The information from the Commerce Department says these multinational corporations possessing big names have reduced their employees, hence, increasing the overseas employment by 2.4 million in 2000 workers. A recent analysis has proved that thirty-five American multinational firms added jobs faster compared to other American employers during last two years, but almost three-quarters of them were overseas.

The U.S industrial sector has already suffered from the blow on the expansion of overseas outsourcing. The manufacturing employment is reported to have collapsed from 19.5 million employees to 11 in the period from June to December 2009, recording a decline of eight million workers for thirty years. From August of the 2000 year to February, many manufacturing jobs were lost for forty three consecutive months (such a long stretch of the famous Depression). These industrial plants have declined notably in the previous decade by fifty one thousand or by 12.5 %. These jobs were the driving force of the American economy for many years, but these losses have significantly damaged the community.

There is no record giving the number of jobs which have been shipped overseas. However, in May 2004, the Department of Labor presented its initial report discussing the “mass loafs” that were attributed to overseas investments. In trying to determine whether outsourcing is a problem larger than the reported one, a Democratic economist Schultze Charles tried another approach for addressing this matter. He suggested that there should have been an increase in the U.S imports value in comparison to the whole economy if the whole outsourcing was meeting the nation’s production needs. What he discovered was that there was no rise. It had remained the same from 2000. This disqualifies outsourcing as a reason for increasing the job performance index in the recent years. According to the democratic economist Schultze, this shipment of American jobs to other foreign countries has an effect on the unemployment more than other factors affecting the economy related to job creation or destruction in America.

Unemployment has been largely caused by outsourcing of jobs. This is brought about by the training induction where the newly chosen workers are being trained by the older ones. By the end of that procedure, the newly trained employees are employed, while older ones are fired. These fired individuals end up lacking the income, hence, lowering the standards of living; this, in turn, affects the economy. The reduction in the working population significantly transfers into the nation’s economy automatically. Charles goes on to say that offshoring holds down the American job growth but in a short run. He said that in some time this turns out to be beneficial to the nation. Analyzing it in the short run, the outsourcing increase minimizes the U.S job growth. Over some time, the effect is different. The improved living standards have increased real wages, and the economic growth of the country also is increasing.

Another analysis for the worldwide electronics industry is dealing with contracts. This industry has reached three hundred and sixty billion dollars of revenue during 2011. The expected goal will have been four hundred and twenty six dollars till 2015. The figure is made of the companies contracting overseas firms immensely in developing nations with the cheaper costs. This cannot be entirely American; other corporations, like Apple, do their manufacturing on other soils. The privately owned equity companies have fostered the need to cut by whatever means necessary. Steve, a professor, talks about outsourcing done by the equity companies in the 1980s. He says that a tide of both uninvited and unwanted corporation takeovers largely participating in outsourcing. The executives of corporate societies are afraid of running their business without the goal of maximizing profits and prices of the shares’ risked takeover. In one night, outsourcing suddenly became a test for the manhood for business executives. The firms that takeover other companies should strategize to give the company executives a lot of stocks and options such that they cannot hesitate in making decisions including outsourcing overseas.

The research shows that strong leaders in America also contribute to this sending of jobs to other nations. The president of America is reported to have invested into these corporate firms that takeover smaller ones. Despite Obama accusing Mitt Romney (his political rival) of investing in the companies that ship jobs overseas, the recent financial disclosure shows that he and Michelle have a lot of money in the mutual fund with large portions invested into corporations which outsource. Obama said that, “(Romney) invested in companies that have been called as ”pioneers” of outsourcing at the campaign held on Saturday in Glen Allen. “I do not want a pioneer in outsourcing. I want some insourcing.” Obama’s portfolio proves that the willingness to contribute in the U.S corporations, which have been credited for the shipment of jobs overseas. Being quite ironical, the president accuses another leader of investing in the firms that outsource whereas he is majorly involved in business. Talking in figures, $200,000 and $450,000 are the invested fund money in the Vanguard Index Fund that largely adding to corporations. Filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission in September 2011 resulting into the total number of 8,272,039 shares of Apple Inc. valued at $3.2 billion.

According to New York Times, in January, Apple stated to everyone that its products were American. This is different from what was in the journal that 70 million products were manufactured in overseas nations. Jared Bernstein, a specialist in economics, said that Apple showed the difficulty in creating jobs in the U.S. The main driver to labor costs is sending jobs overseas, but other countries’ costs are said to increase in America.

The key findings in the report done by the CWA indicate that there are some instances of fraud being directly related to the employees being in the overseas centers. This deliberate lack of adequate accountability and safeguards is insufficient in protecting the consumers’ information security breaches from overseas and the trends in sub-outsourcing where foreign centers outsource labor markets. This is done even by the huge nations like America. These security hazards added to the massive damages suffered by the U.S citizens and job seeking population watching the shipment of jobs overseas. From the report, it is pointed out that most severe cases of outsourcing involve receiving the tax payers’ incentives in the location of the host community with the chaos left behind. The analysis and critical research champion for the need of the proper legislation to be put in place for the benefits of American citizens. In spite of introduction for a new legislation developed in the American House of representatives by legal figures like Rep. Tim Bishop. It was termed as the U.S Call Centre Worker and Consumer Act and designed to address this. A ban to all federal loans and grants to the U.S firms working for shipping the American jobs away from them to other nations. The act is to put out in public all the outsourcing firms and to provide the right location from employees to consumers. Most importantly, call centers are required to transfer consumers to the American center on request.

Very few people accept the maximization of profits as a reason for outsourcing. When compared to the United States, the overseas labor is cheaper than domestic. It is natural that these companies are going along with what costs them less. As long as any business is comfortable with their bottom line, a citizen is not a concern. This is quite a greedy and selfish way that firms look at the community. More like surviving in the firms’ position, supervisors are compelled to overlook at the interests of people and focus on the firm. This is a desperate measure to avert the replacement by shareholders of the firm. Any deviation from addressing this is said to risk bankruptcy for the call center. The compassion and remorse are not tolerated. Looking at this from the investors’ point of view, a lot of questions are asked to support their deeds (French, 1998). Firstly, what the purpose is to start a firm with the aim of selling the service to the poor having the losses gained. To answer this, no business venture is ever initiated to bring litle or no profits to shareholders. The initiators to this outsourcing project must have been reasoning along these words.

The established call centers were to boost and secure the nation’s economy. This is obtained from the interview conducted by George (a journalist) with a famous controversial Mitt Romney, being a pioneer to the idea of outsourcing and offshoring. He truly does not care about the allegations laid at him saying that he is just doing business like anyone else. Thrilled by the idea that many other prominent figures are the key runners in this venture as well, Mitt continues to support this idea. It is almost futile to hope for a revolution when the key players want to maintain their anonymity and to continue making dollars. It is especially disappointing for investors to concentrate on planning resolutions that circle around profits at the expense of humanity. The supporters of this practice base their arguments on the profits alone. Many types of responses were given when the citizens in America were asked to comment on job shipping in America. Living in the USA was seen to be very much costly when compared to many other nations in the world. Joe told to reporters in the national television to support Romney’s sentiments. James of the state Ohio says that, “Our tariff laws are way out dated, making shipping and worker’s wages still cheaper than paying an American worker in many cases.” A clear indication that not only has outsourcing been embraced but also developed its roots even in the next generation.

Shipping jobs to other nations is greedy. This is the way corporations greedy get away with the act of making money through the enslavement of others. Outsourcing companies leave the once unemployed in the streets. Loyal workers to the company are let off with a small pay as an appreciation for the time wasted in the company. On these days, no one cares about the life or its quality. It only deals with a problem of filling low-end jobs with individuals. In solving this problem, another is created being even worse. This problem increases an unemployment rate in the nation. The only sane way forward is to create the American incentives, which will enable citizens to fill the positions. When the Americans take these opportunities of shipping jobs to other nations, this might drop. In spite of increasing costs, the survey by the Duke has showed that only four per cent of the booming firms planned to bring jobs back to the United States. The reasons for this are a low number of companies with plans to bring balance to the economy being not established in the Duke survey. It is supposed that a key indicator could be an exorbitant tax code in America. Propagated by Seth Hanlon, there is an explanation stating that the American tax code rewards firms for investing abroad leading to them some shifting factories, offices and jobs overseas regardless of profitability of this action.

However, the profitable investing in call centers seems to be the risk of exposing the Americans’ personal information. Employees in centers do not necessarily offer some true background checks. A lot of overseas nations do not have a central account in their criminal databases. Furthermore, they lack such national identifiers like the U.S social security number. With such national limitations, the investors do not carry out other follow up procedures, terming them as expensive. For example, the social security number costs up to $1,000, thus, having an option of acquiring the false information just to cut down the costs and losses of workers. Dealing with foreign systems responsible for legal affairs is not sophisticated as well as matching the standards of notifications for the data breaches.

There is the fourth amendment for the protection of rights. Sending the data belonging to customers removes this right. The federal organizations then find a leak of information and acquire the warrantless data here (“Driven Abroad”). As long as the customers’ information is not targeted but sent overseas, it is prone to scrutiny by federal agencies. The warrantless analysis leads to the prosecution as it is illegal. Such instances have led to the number of 2012 lawsuits.

The method used in the collection of data is a rigorous analysis of information that was previously collected. The secondary data, which will be obtained from the dependable sources, will serve to prove that shipment of jobs abroad from the U.S has the economic significance. This paper seeks to assemble all the relevant information related to the economic status of America with regards to outsourcing. The data collection ensures that there is a detailed key in the analysis; it develops the conclusion that outsourcing has both gains and losses to the U.S economy.

Since the concept of job shipment in America, it is both qualitative and quantitative. The collection of data on this matter from both angles is done to ensure an easy analysis. Concerning two aspects of scrutiny; the qualitative and quantitative (or reliable) information from the CWS agency helps to assist in the comprehensive analysis of subject, in America.

The criteria for judging the viability of hypothesis will be a comparison with the secondary data. In this study, the United States of America’s involvement with other nations on this subject and the effect on the GDP are essential. The economic data from America’s GDP will be analyzed for the purpose of conclusion. The comparison of benefits and demerits of outsourcing in America will be conducted so that the informed conclusion is made.

On the collection of these data, some certain aspects were the conspirators and noted. The instances of scam, conducted by workers in these foreign centers, are aiming at the customers. Although the press has published only few cases, those reported ones showed the majority during the previous decade. Explaining this scenario has become difficult, though it came out clearly that when investigating such matters there is the enhanced security. There are the alarming instances reported which include a 2005 year case where the Indian outsourcing firm employees were apprehended for stealing $426,000 from the American Citibank subscribers. Another case happened in 2006, where the workers were taken in custody after stealing $420,000 from customers in the British bank. These reports of taking an advantage of customers are rampant in America looking at the incidences where call center workers used some medical records belonging to Americans to leverage a payment dispute with the employer. In the year 2005, at Price Water House Coopers, a study discovered eighty three per cent outsourcing firms in America having the breaches in security of information for the last year (French, 1997).

With the companies from America taking the advantage of labor offered cheaply, other Indian job seeking firms struggled to remain competitive by doing sub-outsourcing. The U.S is sometimes oblivious of this action by these menacing parties siphoning from innocent citizens. Organizations are now focusing on channeling their investments to these call-centers, mostly in such developing nations like India (“Planet India”). Many other nations are subject to this menace. This discouraged an idea promoted by the growth of outsourcing industry in Egypt in the last years of Mubarak’s reign. In 2007, the officials in Egypt made a push to land job shipping, mostly by sub-outsourcing. The famous firms in the state of America, like General Motors and Microsoft over the past years, have outsourced from Egypt.

This assessed and provided the data based on America’s involvement in outsourcing and participating developing nations. The third world countries are seen to offer the necessary environment for this investment. This collected the data backs up the significance of outsourcing in America’s economy.

Shipping of jobs to overseas nations by corporate firms is vast in America. The scenario created by the aim of economic building, outsourcing was pioneered to create more job markets abroad. Already established companies doing well invest into creating other factories away from the nation. America has seen the birth of many of these call centers being located throughout the world, where the U.S offers its services. The inventions and even assemblies have been a common occurrence in the American firms.

This shipping of jobs is seen to be both supported and despised by others. It is reported to cause the extensive unemployment cases. Sacking old workers in the company to replace with new ones leaves the mark on the economy. The nation’s economy is made up by the activities of citizens around the use of money. There is a reduction in the orientation previously due to the lack of the income source. Income is also affected because this formerly has employed individuals no longer having some money that meets their needs. This is fatal to the families and communities dependent on this one job.

Outsourcing is regarded as a greedy action that only hides behind investments and profits. These are the remarks from non supporting citizens who cannot understand how jobs can be shipped when there are the unemployed people in the nation. The fact that outsourcing provides lower costs to them is not a compelling reason for this service (“Planet India”). Despite the worry about the future in the light of economy, outsourcing has a long term effect of growing on the overall nation’s economy. The analysis proved that thirty-five American multinational firms added jobs faster than other American employers in the last two years, but almost three-quarters of them were overseas.

The study further led to realize the reduction in inflation in the American economy. The overall GDP growth in the U.S. propagated by Seth Hanlon is an explanation stating that the American tax code reward firms for investing abroad led them to shifting factories, offices and jobs overseas regardless of profitability of this action (Kamdar, 2007). The corporate societies came to fear that running their business without the aim of short-term profits maximization and share prices risked the takeover. In one night, outsourcing suddenly became a test of the manhood for corporate executives.

America is known for being diverse in the service provision to other abroad nations. The services ranging from the financial aid to the development of software offered. The services imported into America cannot match the sophistication and are being of the lower cost. These transactions allow the U.S to obtain cheaply and sell dearly, therefore, realizing the benefits both monetary and as goods. America needs to create more job opportunities for its citizens. The problem is not to lower the Asian costs but to misplace the belief in the creation of startups creating jobs for the U.S. Americans love to see innovations and inventions that impact on the world. “Start-Ups, Not Bailouts” is a piece belonging to Thomas Friedman working for New York Times that gives the insight on jobs. He says that old firms dealing with the commodity make it die out. “Washington,” he says, “should back startups if it really wants to create jobs.” This is misleading because startups cannot increase the technological employment owns its own. The result is the issue being crucial because the transformation from the prototype to large productions has undergone. At this moment, the companies scale up working to increase the effectiveness. Some innovative ideas are the part of scaling up the company, which can be difficult and challenging. This method of scaling is no longer employed in America. There is a need to take up the method because it will control the issue of small companies or developing factories abroad then getting the poor job returns. The history attributes the success to the Silicon Valley only. Inventions were developed by entrepreneurs who got money from investors to grow their business. Depending on their luck, the company had the first public offering and it grew bringing money while promoting more growth.