Sex before marriage!?!?

You often times hear in school the latest gossip about who slept with who, or watch teenagers on television make love because they are ‘so madly in love!’ In today’s society, it is perfectly fine to lose your virginity at a young age or even as an adult, as they do it inappropriately when they’re having a bad day (soap operas like Grey’s Anatomy.) I, being raised in an old-fashioned, christian household, have always been taught that you should value your virginity, and only make love once you are married. As naive as I may seem, I am a young adult who finds it sad that teens my age would be so willing to have sex at a young age. It is my opinion that many teenage guys only pressure girls to have sex because of peers. In “Seventeen” magazine, I once read that boys, even though girls may think are sometimes sex-obsessed-pigs, value virginity almost as much as girls do. They don’t want to throw it away. The only reason most boys want it so bad is because it makes them “fit in” with their friends. I also read that girls sometimes want sex, just as much as boys. Girls are sometimes the ones to do the pressure as well. But why, I ask,do we let the pressure get to us. In another article I read, most couples break up after hooking up, which results in the loss of something special for nothing. Why can’t teenagers wait until marriage? What makes us so eager for sex? I think that once you’ve hit marriage, and you know you are supposed to be together and are in love, wouldn’t it make it that much more special? My belief Is that saving it for your loved one is the right choice, and that it would be a lot safer (you wouldn’t have to worry about a teenage pregnancy!!!) in the finale, it’s up to you, but if I were you, I would save it for a special night.