Service Design Project

Changes in service design projects is cross functional, and is a knowledge based work which has become intensive and increasingly important in today’s business environment. The changes that Pullman intends to implement are a key strategic activity because the new services will boost the productivity of the company by increasing its competitiveness. When the company is able to design new services, it has the opportunity to command premium pricing. Therefore the changes to be implemented by the company are a critical factor to the company’s success since it will be able to set business characteristics, features, as well as, performances of the services which the targeted clients desire and demand.

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The main objective of the service design project is to create a service with excellent functional utility, coupled with sales appeal at an affordable price and within an appropriate time to the customers’ reach. In addition, the services should be produced using high quality, low cost materials and cheap methods. On the other hand, the service should be produced on equipment which is easily available when the production commences. However, the resulting product or service should be competitive than other products or services available in the market in terms of quality, performance, appearance, as well as, price.

Pullman assumes that the new service design project will be more important than before since the clients are demanding an improved product and service variety and are making steps to switch at a rapid rate to products and services with the state-of-the-art technology. Therefore, the influence of new service design has a multiplicative impact on a number of new products and services. Thus, to ensure that the company becomes competitive, its must understand the demands of the target market. Hence, Pullman intends to implement a service design project in roller skating. The project will be beneficial to the college students, and the targeted market group who are over 18 years.

Through a new design project consumers will be able to share a great fitness and also have fun. In addition, the customers will have an opportunity to skate in an atmosphere filled with music and other may get refreshments at the restaurant or bar, in the same location. Therefore, an improvement in the service design project by the designers should be more efficient and make the company more productive. In addition, customers will also be interviewed to seek for their views or ideas to any improvement which can be made to the products or services. The new service project design was validated because of its location. It will be implemented in Pullman, where the target market are mainly college students, who are 18 years or above. In addition, the Greek houses are also targeted to host events through the rinks, and other activities, such as concerts.

Description of the new or redesigned service

As stated earlier, the company has a plan to add new roller skating rink to its facilities, in Pullman. The improvements will be made on the traditional skating rink because its current location is not conducive to the customers demand. Therefore, the service designers have made a proposal to design the new skating rink in Pullman. The facility targets mainly college students, youth and adults. In addition, people over 18 years will also have an opportunity to access the rink of high standard. In addition, other services will include a restaurant or bar which will be used by the customers to get refreshments or meals. The prices will be reduced in order to be affordable to the targeted market segment.

Market description

Pullman, WA service serves communities in the U.S. Therefore, pans to extend its services will target students and Greek homes. According to marker size and trends, Pullman, WA is surrounded with communities who are interested in embracing an economically healthy surrounding. The area under consideration comprise majorly of colleges and universities, of which will be interested in the services provide by Pullman, WA. The company targets a large market which comprises mainly of people whoa have attained 18 years and above.

The targeted market segment includes mainly college students, since the company is situated in a region which is at close proximity to colleges. These are some of the factors which the company kept into consideration when choosing a target market. In addition, the target market is very adequate and fits the business goals and objectives. Thus, when choosing the target market the company considered at its size to ensure that that will be enough consumers to make use of its services. On the other hand, the company ensured that the targeted market will record a tremendous growth, which will enhance an opportunity of new customers, as the targeted market segment grows. In addition, the company observed that the line of business it conducts matches with the targeted market demands.


In order to formulate a successful business strategy, the company must consider the strategies of its rivals in doing business. There are many competitors in this line of business in Pullman, WA. Some of these companies are Rockville Skate Park, Gaithersburg Skate Park, Wheel Skating Centre, Skate Zone, Skate Palace, and Skate and fun Zone. Most of these rival firms have been in the business for so long and are applying new technologies which attract many clients. On the other hand, some of these companies have good sound systems which are attractive to the youth.

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