Book Review Outline
Book title and author: September 11 Wilborn Hampton
Title of review: Reflecting
Number of stars (1 to 5): * * * * * (five stars)

September 11 is a wonderful book. It was written by Wilborn Hampton. The setting for this book is the twin towers. There are many different characters, because it has different tales from the victims of the attack. The tone of this book is reflective and thoughtful.

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Description and summary of main points

September 11 has many different tales. The story that I liked the most was Omar Rivera’s. Omar had to escape the twin towers before the came crashing down. Even though he was disabled he had to get home to his wife and daughters. He also had to keep his Seeing Eye dog safe while trying to escape.
This book has gone far and beyond my expectations. Compared to other books this book is more about people than just the facts. I enjoy reading the stories about the people that were in the attack of the Twin Towers. Books that only include the historical elements tend to bore me. September 11 did not bore me one second.

There are many good aspects about this book but there is only one tale that I didn’t agree with. I don’t believe that Mayor Giuliani’s tale should have been included in this book. To me this book was full of meaningful stories. I do not mean to say that his story is not meaningful but I believe that the tales should have come from the people that were in the twin towers. Mayor Giuliani was posted in a fire station and later on in the day appeared in some interviews on the streets.

Your final review

I would absolutely recommend this book to other readers. September 11 is very influential. This book can be interesting for both children and adults. This tale made me look back and think about what happened and what I was doing when the twin towers attacked. I give September 11 five stars.

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