See Beyond the Struggle

The adversities we face in life, obscure our vision. They stack up into this heap of hindrances.They cloud our perception and make it difficult to recognize the seemingly miniscule positives in life. We can’t find a sense of self, or direction. However in these times of immense hurt, it is important to see beyond the struggle. To look past all the pain, into a more fulfilling future. Because even if things seem hopeless right now, there will be a day when you’re at peace with all the things you’re facing. Whether it’s because of a change within yourself, or a change with who you’re surrounded by. You have to believe in that day, even if it seems really far away.

It took me a long time to understand that I can’t always control the things that happen to me. No one really chooses to have a heart condition. Or to have two parents who never really loved each other. I’m a 17 year old, who’s considerably content with my life. But I’ve also been a 16 year old who’s beginning to realize that not everyone who’s a part of her life is supposed to stay. And I’ve been a 15 year old who’s lost. Who has no one in her life whatsoever. Growing up is one of the most challenging things a person has to do. It takes time to learn that emotions are always temporary. And that the key to seeing beyond the struggle, is to find yourself, and share yourself.

It’s impossible to strive for better circumstances, when you don’t feel like you deserve them. In a society that is notorious for making people feel awful about themselves, it’s incredibly important to be firm in your values and beliefs. However, when you’re going through any kind of difficulty, your morals are challenged. At times it feels like you don’t even know who you are. And how can you look beyond the hardships, if you can’t even look within yourself. You need to know who you are, but more than that, you need to love who you are. I believe that everyone, yes everyone, holds something sincerely special inside them. That concept of individuality is something to really be proud of. In our show Makin’ It’ that opens this evening, Monica, a character who struggles to see her finer qualities, grows to learn that discovering who you are, allows you conquer anything that comes your way. Near the end of the show, she reflects on the things she’s endured and says “There really is something wonderful about me. Maybe it’s hidden now, way down deep. Maybe I’m the only one who know’s it’s there, but I’m the only one who has to.” It’s a sincere, heartfelt moment, that captures the importance of valuing who you are. In order to look past the mounds of harsh influences and standards, you have to cherish your distinctiveness. Find out what you like. Find out what you’re good at. Find out what sets your heart on fire. In order to see beyond the struggle, you have to find yourself. Because no matter what you’ve gone through, nothing is worth losing that drive, or that spark.It’s not conformity, but individuality that draws people to one another. And as Amy Poehler said to the Harvard class of 2011, “Continue to share your heart with people, even if it’s been broken.”

It’s not always easy to break out of your shell, but it can be the most rewarding thing an individual can do. And who wants to spend their whole life alone?I honestly believe loneliness is the worst emotion an individual can experience. At least if you’re feeling sad, you’re aware that someone out there has been through it too. It’s that sensation of isolation that creates an aura of emptiness inside a person’s heart. And as much as we all deserve happiness, we deserve people who make us happy. The kind of people who make us feel like things are going to be ok, simply because they’ll be around to see it through. And somewhere along the line, you effortlessly accept the hardships you’ve experienced, because the people you love create an atmosphere of peace and contentment. Ellen Degeneres once said that “It is a beautiful thing to be loved… But it is profound to be understood.”To feel validated and cared for, is all a person could really ask for. Everyone needs someone with a different perspective, who already sees through all the madness. A person who sees you for who you are, and sees you for your potential. My friends are the most influential and important people I know. They’re the kind of people that never fail to make you laugh, and never fail to be by your side when you’re crying. Coming from such an unstable household, they’re my only source of consistency. I walk into my two story house planted on Tenny Avenue and I feel mildly anxious, and at times, angry. But when I’m in a car with my best friend, driving all over town… I finally feel like I’m at home. And with that kind of support, I know that I can handle anything that comes my way.

Taking on all these disastrous circumstances can be challenging to navigate on your own. The fog and murky abyss created by the obstacles in life are clarified when you become assertive on the pursuit of happiness. So branch out. Meet people and expand your horizons. And when you’re feeling helpless, when things seem too difficult to fathom…remember that in order to see beyond the struggle, you need to find yourself and share yourself.