Sales Department

There has been a problem with the sales department in preparing orders from customers. The department has received complaints from most of the customers claiming that the products were poorly produced. The shipment delays have also been a serious problem. In a bid to understand the problem, the department prepared a flowchart describing the processes involved from the time an order is received to dispatch of the product.

There are areas within the process that may cause flaws leading to customers’ complaints. The sales department is a sensitive area as it supports growth of the company through the sales. Therefore, there is an urgent need to identify the cause of the problems and address them amicably.

The sales department fails to indicate whether credit against the order is checked upon entry into the company’s system. It is a necessary step to avoid processing orders with insufficient credit.

After checking the inventory, the sales department should have indicated the procedures to follow in case the required product is lacking. It would necessitate production of the product which would require additional time. Considerations for likely delay due to production will be included when informing customers of the delivery date.

Manufacturing of the product will again require checking the inventory for the raw materials. If certain materials are lacking, the production department will order the materials from suppliers. The time required to acquire these products will affect the shipment schedule and hence the delivery date for the products.

After manufacturing the product, it should be subjected to inspection to ensure it meets the desired qualities. Shipment plans will take place after the product has passed the inspection. With all this considerations, the company will be able to supply quality products to its customers. The sales departments will also avoid overlooking certain essential issues. It will mean that customers will receive appropriate advice that will not lead to frustrations caused by delays and poor products.

The management should look into the issues raised and move with speed to implement the proposals made.